Cat is a fellow wedding photographer based in Melbourne. We followed each other for a while, admiring each others work, so it was very much an honour when Cat reached out to us to ask if we could photograph herself and her partner Sarah. Cat being the photographer, had many photos of Sarah, but not many photos of themselves together. Something we can relate definitely relate too.

They wanted to plan an adventure session, where they could be themselves in a place that they love, doing the things they love to do together. Something we often preach to all of our couples, it truly was a match made in heaven, to photograph these two! 

We had the pleasure of meeting them at the Pines in Shore, and spending the evening with them documenting their love. Sarah loves the atmosphere for the forest, while Cat loves to be near the beach. So this location was the perfect spot for both of them to feel right at home, offering both the forest and beach to explore. They brought along their favourite beverages, being a good ol' cup of tea, in their thermoses to cosy up and share in a moment. Something they do very frequently when out for an adventure of their own. 

Then we headed down to the beach to explore, play around in the rocks. Where Sarah excitingly found a crab to freak out, and tease Cat with, haha! We scampered along the rocks, frolicked through the sea grass, and ended off cozying up on a log watching the sunset.

It truly was an honour to be invited into their love story, to document these special moments for these two. And to provide them with tangible memories of their own to cherish, with photos of themselves together.

Scroll down to have a closer look at how their session with us unfolded. 

shoreham beach, victoria

Cat & Sarahs Mornington Peninsula Adventure Session

live in the now
live in the now
live in the now

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