Brooke & Tyler's Pre Wedding Engagement session was an absolute dream to photograph. From first inquiry, to meeting them at their engagement session - to their wedding day. I knew these were our people. Brooke is also a wedding photographer, and we instantly clicked. It was truly an honour creating art for these two.

Their engagement session started on cliffs in Flinders in the golden light. We danced around, ran about, got intimate and a bit artsy. As the sun started to lower, we headed back to the cars, and went for a drive down the road. We found a cool road along the coast, where we could get some skateboarding shots, of these two doing their thing. And then ended the evening off with a sunset picnic on the beach. It was such a lovely evening, and by the time their wedding rolled around, it felt like we were guests documenting our friends wedding. 

Check out the full gallery from their engagement session below, and their wedding here

Flinders, victoria

Flinders Engagement Session - Brooke & Tyler

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