Benefits of having two elopement photographers

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Benefits of having a second photographer on your elopement day

One of the most common questions photographers get asked by their couples is, “do I need a second photographer on my wedding day?”. To answer that in short, YES! And not because us, as photographers don’t feel confident to be able to capture your day independently, but because having two photographer’s present will take your wedding photography coverage to the next level! You might think second photographers are only necessary for large weddings, but this is not the case! In this blog post we’re going to talk you through why you should consider having two photographers on your special day, regardless of the size of your wedding, and how it will benefit the overall experience of the day. After all, this is one of the most important days of your life, so why not allow for the absolute best coverage of your day!

they allow for photography coverage to be in more than one place at a time

Unfortunately, wedding photographer’s can’t teleport, I mean how great would it be if they could, but let’s be real, they just can’t. For this reason, only having one photographer on your day, will always result in missed photo opportunities, regardless of how organized and timely of a photographer they are. You could hire the best photographer in the world, spend thousands of dollars, but without a second shooter, they just simply won’t be able to capture it all!

Whereas if you have two photographers, no moment, no matter how big or small, could be missed. Some parts of your wedding day that will benefit from photographer’s being in more than one place at a time are…

  • getting ready photo’s – one photographer will be with one partner, and the second photographer is with the other
  • ceremony – one photographer can get the safe shots, while the other can be in a different part of the space getting different angles, and perspectives of those dire moments of your day. As well those sneaky family and friend reactions, that could have been missed.
  • cocktail hour – one can photograph the reception room, while the other can get candid shots of the guests mingling and enjoying themselves
  • portraits — one can be taking wide shots and while the other is taking close up shots of the same scene. Able to get different perspectives and angles from the same moment.
  • speeches – one photographer can be near the person speaking, photographing them, while the other can be moving around the room, getting the bride, groom, family and guests reactions

these are only just a few moments where you could benefit from having photographers in more than one place at a time.

Clifftop Elopement Ceremony on the Mornington Peninsula

Allows for more creativity

You may be thinking, “they are a photographer, so won’t they be creative anyway?” Well yes, every photographer uses their creativity to capture your day in a stylistic perspective. But having two photographer’s ensures you get all the safe shots, as well as, the artistic magazine worthy shots, you hired them for! Typically the photographer during a ceremony, would be standing at the end of the aisle from a far, capturing the moments as they happen, and ensuring they get all the big moments on camera from a one perspective. But let’s be honest, they will just be safe shots, that every photographer can get and every wedding has. Don’t get me wrong, they will be great photographs, that you will love and cherish for years to come.

Yet by having this second photographer getting those safe shots, this allows the other photographer to get more creative, get different angles, get those reactions of your loved ones, or your significant other and make the two of you look like a million bucks! So many brides wish they could have had a photo of the back of their dress, their mum tearing up during their vows, or a close up on the rings exchanging, but because they only had one photographer, they simply missed out on these creative angles and opportunities. Having two photographers, will ensure you walk away with the best photographs possible, honestly magazine worthy photographs! Just because you trusted in a team to get creative for you, rather than play it safe.

Seaside Intimate Wedding on the Mornington Peninsula

Team work makes the dream work

One photographers could confidently photograph your elopement solo and get the job done, while a team of photographers will ensure your day runs smoothly, with zero stress, be able assist you in many areas throughout the day, and execute the most amazing gallery possible. Two photographers can ensure stressful situations run smoothly throughout your day, such as making sure everyone is accounted for in photographs, gathering guests for group or family photo’s, and ensuring no moment is missed. A second photographer will be able to get different perspectives and angles and allow for the more coverage of your day.

Not everything will always go to plan on your day, and as a elopement photographers, we not only photograph you, but we also assist you when problems arise on the day. While one photographer can be helping the bride sow the button back on her dress, or replace her missing hair pin, the other can be photographing the moments continuing to unfold. We have been to many weddings and know how to help in these situations. We truly believe that when you hire a team, you ultimately get the most out of your elopement day coverage and ensure you have the most stress free photography experience.

Creative Elopement Portrait taken by second photographer

Have no regrets

You’ve spend weeks, months, maybe even years planning your dream elopement day. Now the day has come, it’s the best day of your life, but it’s over in a blink of an eye. And all you want is to cherish every moment, for years to come, to relive it, and share it with loved ones. Investing in photography and videography on your elopement day will allow you to relive those moments exactly as they were, and so much more.

There will always be little in between moments, that you may not have caught yourself on your day, that your photographer will be sure to catch with the help of a second photographer. These could be, your partner getting emotional during your vows, your mum holding back tears while your walking down the aisle, your little brother whipping out all the moves on the dance floor, your dog running behind you out in the wild, and so many more. Having two photographers on your day will ensure, no moment, no matter how small, will be missed. When you look back on your photographs, you’ll be able to relive how it felt on the day, and cherish all those little moments that made up the best day of your life.

Backyard Elopement on the Mornington Peninsula

Size doesn’t matter

You may be thinking, “I’m only having a 20 person wedding, do I really need two photographers?”. That is a very fair question to ask yourself, as ultimately smaller weddings mean less guests to photograph. While one single photographer could do an amazing job at an intimate wedding. You will still get the most value and best photography coverage with two shooters. If you value timeless photographs, and cherishing the memories of the most important day of your life. Don’t let this limiting belief stop you from getting the most out of your elopement photography. Especially if you value intimacy on your wedding day, chances are, the guests you invited are people closest to you. Even more reason why you would want to have the photographs of all the in between moments, and all your guests reactions on your day.

Benefits of having a second photographer at your backyard elopement

Luckily for you…

We are a two person team here at Coast and Pines. We not only help you plan your dream elopement, we photograph it as a team to give you the absolute best experience on your elopement day.