We're Linden & Vanessa

We are two lovers, who share love of adventure, travel and photography. We are most deeply inspired by nature, and travel far and wide to document love stories of all kinds. Capturing your most meaningful and intimate moments that evoke all the feelings, is what truly sets are hearts on fire. 

We strongly believe in empowering you, to celebrate your love story in the most authentic and meaningful way to you! Whether you want to elope in the mountains, or profess your vows in an intimate airbnb by the sea, We will always be here to encourage you to do what feels most true to you. We are all about creating a safe environment for you to be yourselves, and to support you throughout the process of choosing to get married in your own unique way!

We take pride in creating an authentic laid back experience, to get to know you on a deeper level, so you feel as though you have invited two friends into this special time in your life, and not just some other vendors.

Why are we so passionate about creating a special elopement experience for you? Because we believe there is not only one way to get married, and this experience should represent YOU! So if you're all about throwing out tradition, breaking the rules, and creating a true to you experience, then we might just be the right photographers for you!

MEET your team
MEET your team
MEET your team

A Little About Us

more than just photographers, 
we are your guides to creating a wildly unique wedding experience

Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is the brains behind Coast and Pines. She's the one responding to your emails, posting on our socials, dreaming up your days on the video calls. Not only is she a passionate photographer, she lives for all the nitty gritty, and loves guiding couples to creating their dream elopement experience!

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Vanessa has always felt most at home running wild in nature. She fell in love with an Aussie boy (aka Linden) 5 years ago, and made the trek to a lifetime of forever in Australia. Prior to moving to Australia, Vanessa spent countless years travelling, meeting new people and exploring the natural wonders of the world. Which lead her to her passion of photography, and pursuing documenting elopement stories of human connection out in nature.

When she's not photographing your love story or jumping on the next flight, she can be found on a nature walk, going for a morning run on the beach, or cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix with Lin. 

Meet Linden

Linden's the beauty behind our business. He's your expert editor and creative second photographer. Not only will he be present on your day to ensure we get you the most artistically creative shots, he uses his 8+ years experience, and degree in photography to ensure every photo will be a magazine worthy shot. 

Linden grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria, Australia. And has always had a deep love for the ocean and photographing the natural wonders of the world. When he's not photographing you, you can find him being dragged around the state as Vanessa's chauffeur to all the most amazing scenic places (yes she's still playing tourist after 5 years), or in the ocean, either photographing the waves, surfing or swimming his heart away!

Linden's the Coast, and Vanessa's the Pines. And together we are the perfect nature loving duo for your elopement day! 




They went above and beyond being my go-to for recommendations & advice. Their kindness, patience and dedication is unwavering and unmatched. Oh and having said all of this about their character, the photography skill are also truly amazing. 

Taylah & Declan

“This was such a special experience for us both, they made us feel so comfortable and the whole process was really natural and easy. They are so incredibly talented at what they do, and I am so in awe of their constant ability to capture such precious moments”

Celeste & Ryan

WE LOVE THEM!!!! I cannot stress this enough, they are beautiful and perfect. We couldn’t have asked for more. There’s so many I love and cannot wait to share with our family and friends. Thank you so so so so much for your hard work. We are so happy we picked you guys to share this experience with.

Sophia & Josh

Our Philosophy


The number one thing that drives our passion for elopements is that they take the stress out of weddings and give you endless options & possibilities for what your day could be. No one size fits all weddings here - you deserve an experience that encompasses everything that you are. Eloping allows you to do whatever it is that you want to do, with whomever it is you want to be there. It allows you to create an adventure, to partake in a full day or multiple days of activities that you love to do. To create an experience to remember, to look back on for eternity and be so proud you chose to do it your way. 

Eloping allows you to shred the anxieties and pressures of the big production weddings, to create a day that actually reflects your personalities, to have the choice in which areas of a wedding day actually mean something to you, and to chose each other over everything else. Because after all that's what it's all about - the two of you. 

That's what we are here for. We are here to support you, to guide you and to show you the endless possibilities of what your day could look like for you. 

this is why we are here, this what drives our souls

Our photography journey's started much the same, through our mutual love for mother nature. Linden's true passion has always lied within photographing the ocean, and the waves formations. While Vanessa's journey begun while solo travelling overseas, finding a way to share the beauty of the world and her adventures with her family. Little did we know at the time, that these photographs would eventually lead us to one another and a life time full of endless adventures together.

Now today, we've combined our loves for photographing nature and our own adventures, into photographing yours. We have found our true passion lies within showing, nature loving, adventurous introverts - much like ourselves, that there is another way to have a wedding day, that can truly be a reflection of who you are, and not how society tells you to celebrate. 

Every couple we have the honour of photographing, is an entirely new and unique experience for us. We believe no two couples are the same, and no two wedding stories should ever appear the same. We are all about empowering you to ditch the traditions that don't align with you, to downsize the guest list to only the ones who are there to support you, to follow your heart and chose to celebrate the two of you in a way that authentically represents you! 

We bring adventure into everything that we do. Whether it's an outdoor inner city elopement hoping from a greenhouse garden, to a rooftop terrance dinner followed by sunset portraits at the pier, or it's the scenic hike to your mountain top backdrop followed by a 4x4 tour, and dinner at a winery, we will always be sure to show you how this can be your most epic adventure yet! 

Your photographs are so much more than just photographs. They are your story, your legacy, and your keepsakes to look back on for the years to come. We are all about documenting your adventure, authentically and uniquely to who you two are, while providing you with endless memories.


What Inspires Us


Behind The Lens


The experience you have with your elopement photographers, is so much more than just photographs. What's really important to us is to provide you with the knowledge, resources and expert advice to empower you to have a wedding day that is authentically you. This is a judgement free zone, supported by forming strong relationships so you feel safe to be yourselves and follow your true hearts desires. 

No cookie cutter weddings, filled with 1000 year old traditions, and extended family members you have never even met. This is your wedding day, a day entirely about the two of you, and we are here to show you the way to the most epic authentically you -  intimate wedding day! There are no rules here, it's all about the two of you, your experience and your adventure. 

We will ensure your day runs smoothly with a hand crafted timeline, that it's filled with joyous activities that make you two feel most alive, surrounded by only the ones who mean the most to you, and provide you with extensive recourses and expert advice to ensure this experience is uniquely you. 

We will give you the space to be yourselves, to organically and freely move through your day, while guiding you from side lines through the scenes and ensuring you are always looking great. We are all about documentary, candid and natural photography. Nothing will be forced or on a strict time schedule, we will ensure this a stress free experience and the day you've always dreamed.  

RAIN, HAIL OR SHINE, we will be here to guide you

Our Favourite Things


The great outdoors have truly stolen our hearts - we'd always chose to camp in a tent over a 5 star hotel experience, we will hike 10km if it means theres an epic scenic view. Road trip around Iceland, to sleep in the car every night and stop every day to dip into hot springs on the side of the road - you betcha we've done it. 

From bush walks, rock pool adventures, endless swims in at the beach, kayaking, and camping at our favourite secret spots - you could say we are a bit obsessed with being outdoors and it's definitely our favourite way to spend time together. But don't let us fool you, we love a good night on the couch snuggled up with a cuppa, watching Netflix.

We are so incredibly lucky to live by the coast, which supports our amazing lifestyle we share. But that doesn't mean we don't long for adventure elsewhere. Travelling is a huge part of who we are. With Vanessa being from Canada, it's always an excuse to go back and visit family. While Iceland is also a favourite trip we've taken together. We love exploring overseas and our own backyard here in Australia. We will always be the first to jump on a plane and celebrate your love story too!

wherever in the world you may be, we'll be the first to jump on a plane to tell your story

hiking up a mountain, kissing under a waterfall, private beach oasis, scenic helicopter ride...

whatever adventure you feel called too,
we are right there with you. 




Allow us to guide you, through this once in a lifetime wild wedding experience made just for you...

are you ready to embark on your greatest adventure yet?