Best National Parks to Elope at in Australia

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New South Wales Elopement

Here in Australia, we have an abundance of INCREDIBLE National Parks right in our backyard! From truly breathtaking mountain views to wild coastlines, we’ve got it all!

Eloping in a National Park is an amazing way to make the most of your love for each other, whilst enjoying the best of what our country has to offer. With anything from week-long hikes, to easily accessible lookouts, the options are aplenty, meaning you and your loved ones can enjoy the most incredible natural surroundings and picturesque backdrops. 

Following on our recent blog – Your Guide to Eloping in Australia’s National Parks, we’ve decided to help you out with the best Parks to elope in. Stick around to check them out!

Elope in Australia's National Parks


We LOVE a desert elopement! They’re especially great in the off-season months, as the park will be quiet, but still lovely and warm during the day. The amazing diversity in the desert landscape, from rolling dunes, to canyons, boulders and cliffs, means that you have some incredible location options for your ceremony and photos!

And THE COLOURS! The most beautiful sandy reds, oranges and yellows contrast magically with hints of greenery and the wide, blue sky. 

Our favourite desert National Parks in Australia: 

Mungo National Park, NSW

The Pinnacles Desert Nambung National Park, WA 

Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, NT

Kakadu National Park, NT

Karijini National Park, WA 

Munga-Thirri National Park, QLD 

Purnululu National Park, WA

Australia's Best National Parks for your Elopement


Mountain National Parks are so amazing because of their diversity, not only scenery, but weather! 

We love that you can elope year-round in these parks. Maybe you want snowy wintry conditions, the greenery and wildflowers in spring and summer, or the beautiful moody Autumn conditions, with falling leaves beautiful orange hues. The options are so diverse, and each has its own beauty! 

The great thing is, it’s really up to you how you want to make the most of it.

The other thing we LOVE about mountainous National Parks are the magical views. With great structures and lookouts, it can be the perfect place to have your tranquil ceremony. Just be sure to find a time that is quiet, with fewer other tourists around! We tend to recommend eloping at sunrise, on a weekday, or in the off-season to minimise the likelihood of unwanted guests. 

These National Parks are PERFECT for those of us who love a hiking elopement. If you’re a couple who loves an adventurous day, then keep your eyes peeled for our top mountain NP’s. Making the most of the vast expanses of tracks, you can find the most beautiful, private location for your elopement ceremony!

If hiking isn’t your thing, don’t worry, because there are so many accessible locations with short walks and the most incredible scenery.,  

Our favourite Mountain National Parks in Australia: 

Mount Barney National Park, NSW

Cradle Mountain National Park, TAS

Blue Mountains, NSW 

Grampians National Park, VIC

Flinders Ranges, SA

South West National Park, TAS

Mount Kosciuszko National Park, NSW 

Alpine National Park, VIC 

Mount Buffalo National Park, VIC 

Blue Mountains Elopement


Australia is known for its amazing beaches. Untouched white sand, sparkling blue water, and the most incredible, unique coastline!

A coastal elopement is perfect for all of us ocean-lovers, and the options are abundant. The variety of stunning landscapes, from sand dunes and flawless beaches, to cliffs and rocky escarpments means that you can mix and match locations at the most amazing National Parks. 

You might like to have your ceremony up on a cliff, and some portraits taken as you stroll down to the sand at sunset. Or maybe, you want to be married with your toes in the water – there are so many amazing choices!

Another really great thing about a coastal elopement is the ease in which you can implement your fave activities into the day. Maybe it’s a dive or a snorkel, some paddling on kayaks or stand-up paddleboards, or even a surf! Making the most of the ocean, and the things that you truly love to do can help make your elopement day all the more special. 

Our favourite coastal National Parks in Australia: 

Wilson’s Promontory National Park, VIC

Freycinet National Park, TAS 

Whitsundays National Park, QLD 

Mornington Peninsula National Park, VIC 

Flinders Chase National Park, SA 

Cape Le Grand National Park, WA 

Noosa National Park, QLD 

Coastal Elopement in Australia


Last but not least are the incredible forests that Australia has to offer!

Some of the most romantic, beautiful elopements that we’ve experienced have been in our amazing forest National Parks. The vast spaces stunning wilderness makes your day feel so moody and freeing, allowing you to enjoy the amazing serenity and really absorb the beauty of the day. 

We are incredibly lucky to have some amazing variations in forests here too! From rainforests, to redwood and gum forests, there are some truly beautiful options to choose from. 

We also love the light that peeks through the forest canopy, flecks of sparkling sunlight make for some gorgeous photo opportunities that feel almost magical. 

Our favourite forest National Parks in Australia: 

Daintree Rainforest National Park, QLD 

Great Otways National Park, VIC

Dandenong Ranges National Park, VIC

Mount Field National Park, TAS

Lamington National Park, QLD

Tarra-Bulga National Park, VIC 

National Park Forest Elopement Location

The options are aplenty, and the varying environments are incredible. We are truly so fortunate to have the pristine, gorgeous National Parks that we do here in Australia. 

Once again, if any of these options strike your fancy, and you want to learn more about a National Park elopement, check out our guide HERE!

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