A list of one hundred+ elopement activity ideas

Elopement Tips

Elopement Activities

While traditional weddings are usually a 12 hour planned out day, filled with the usual traditional elements, and photo opportunities. Elopements don’t necessarily have the same rhythm to the day! BUT that’s what it’s all about! Elopements are all about ditching the traditions that don’t align with you. And instead writing your own rules and creating a day that entirely encompasses everything that you two are!

With saying that, you may be thinking “then what could I possibly do on my elopement day?” Well, instead of making your elopement a quick ceremony and a photoshoot. Or making it feel like an intimidating 12 hour photoshoot. Why not embrace this experience for all that it is. It’s your elopement day after all, which means it’s no less special than a traditional wedding day. You could even celebrate all day, weekend, or even the full week long! Yep, elopement experiences can truly be anything you want them to be. The possibilities are endless!

Elopement Activities

Here’s is a list of 101 ideas you can include in this experience to make it the best possible time in your life! You deserve to walk away so incredibly grateful you chose to get married in your own intimate, authentic and unique to you way!

one hundred + elopement activities to get you brainstorming…

1. take a scenic flight ie. helicopter, hot air balloon, float plane, etc.
2. go sky diving
3. try out paragliding
4. take a dip in a swimming hole
5. embark on a bar hopping adventure around the city
6. hike to a waterfall
7. try cliff jumping
8. enjoy a soak in a spa or hot springs
9. wake up early for a sunrise paddle boarding session
10. embark on a kayaking adventure

11. enjoy a canoe ride around the lake
12. go kite surfing
13. enjoy a morning surf
14. hire a private yacht
15. hike to a scenic lookout
16. go on a sight seeing adventure
17. hire a 4×4 driving tour
18. go on a safari adventure
19. take a scuba diving tour
20. try out jet skiing

21. go sand boarding in the dunes
22. maybe rock climbing or bouldering is your thing!
23. celebrate with a sunset picnic dinner
24. hire a private chef to cook for you at your airbnb
25. go on a wine tasting tour
26. enjoy star gazing together
27. make it a camping adventure
28. relax in a hammock
29. try out slack lining
30. motor cycle or vintage car ride

31. have a bon-fire
32. visit an art gallery or museum
33. play yard games with family
34. play card games or board games with the kids
35. sing karaoke
36. have a dance party
36. cook up a backyard bbq
37. go on a gondola ride
38. go boating/sailing
39. make it a backpacking adventure

Reading hand written letters on their elopement day

40. go snorkelling together
41. read hand written letters you wrote to one another
42. enjoy a drink on the beach
43. rent an RV or van and go on a road trip
44. swim beneath a waterfall in your wedding attire
45. pop a bottle champagne together to celebrate
46. enjoy a backyard dinner party with loved ones
47. start the morning off with a yoga session
48. go horse back riding
49. take a specialized class in something you’ve always wanted to try ie. cooking, pottery, painting, etc.
50. do a zip line course

51. go on your honeymoon and get married somewhere along the way
52. take a train ride
53. have your loved ones write letters for you to read on the day
54. stay in a backcountry cabin or yurt
55. go bungee jumping
56. ride a mountain bike track
57. go for a walk on a beach
58. go fishing
59. embark on a white water rafting adventure
60. go ice skating

Clifftop Elopement Ceremony

61. include your dog and go for a walk or hike
62. visit a national park
63. go skiing or snow boarding
64. first dance by firelight campfire
65. make s’mores and dinner over the fire
66. go for a night hike for a sunrise ceremony on top of the world
67. go on a road trip and get married somewhere along the way
68. visit your state library
69. go snowmobiling
70. try out canyoneering

71. rent an ATV/four wheeler
72. go snow shoeing
73. relax on a beach with a piña colada
74. hangout in a treehouse
75. hire a photo booth
76. have a first look
77. visit a farm with animals (cows, horses, lambs, goats, etc.)
78. watch the sunrise or sunset somewhere in nature together
79. play a musical instrument or sing for your significant other
80. light sparklers

Backyard Elopement on the Mornington Peninsula

81. video call loved ones
82. exchange gifts with one another
83. visit a glacier
84. cook breakfast together
85. order pizza and eat it in a scenic location
86. get a dessert grazing box
87. plant a tree together
88. include a reading from your favourite book/poem/movie, etc.
89. craft up “just eloped” signs
90. go dog sledding

91. go glamping
92. rent an A-frame cabin in the woods
93. rent a house boat
94. commission a local artist to draw/paint a scene from your day
95. go on a tandem bike ride
96. bring along a disposable camera to document the day from your perspectives – as well as hire a professional photographer so you can be present
97. take a bubble bath together
98. get a couples massage
99. get matching tattoos
100. take a ferry ride
101. have a movie marathon together on a projector

As you can see there truly is unlimited possibilities for what you can do on your elopement day! We hope these ideas sparked something within you. And helped get your creativity flowing, for all that you can create out of your elopement experience! While the possibilities are endless, don’t feel like you need to do it all! Chose a few ideas that would be significant to you and incorporate them in your timeline. Whether thats over a day, 2 days, or a week long adventure! You deserve the best experience possible. That is the truest representation of your relationship together. After all elopements bring back the freedom, to focus on an experience centred entirely around the two of you!

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