Five most common elopement myths

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Elopements have become more common in todays day and age, but we still quite often hear many common misconceptions about elopements. In the past, eloping referred to “running away and secretly getting married, without telling anyone”. And while we know that’s not the case anymore. There are still many myth’s out there that couples believe around eloping. That may be preventing them from having their dream wedding. In this blog post, we’re going to walk you through the five most common Myth’s we hear regarding elopements. And how you can truly make an elopement the most meaningful and authentic experience for you!

Myth one – Elopements are strictly for only the bride and groom.

Although elopements can be just the two of you, they don’t have to be! Whether you want to invite a few loved ones. Or have all of your favourite vendors. Your elopement day can involve whoever you wish! Maybe you desire to have the ceremony the two of you, and then have a celebration with your nearest and dearest afterwards. Or perhaps you would love to have them with you throughout the entire day! Your guest list is entirely up to you.

If you would prefer to keep it just the two of you, but want to incorporate your loved ones. Theres quite a few days to include them in your day. Many video call their families and friends at the start of the day, or after the ceremony. While others have them write letters for you to read the morning of the day. Or some even send out an “wedding announcement” before the day, filling them in on your plans so they feel more apart of the day. And after the wedding, be sure to share photo’s, so they can see why you chose you do it this way! These are personal little touches that will make your family and friends feel a part of the day, without sacrificing your intimacy.

Myth two – Elopements are court house weddings

Well your elopement could take place in a court house, they most certainly do not have too. If you want to have an adventurous elopement overseas. The best way to legally bind your marriage is by signing the legal paperwork through a court house ceremony. But that doesn’t mean that, that’s your entire elopement experience. That is just the process of making it legal in your home country, if you wish to elope overseas. You can most definitely still count your overseas elopement day, are your date of marriage.

If you are eloping in your home country, you can simply hire an officiant to come where ever you wish to be married! That could be a forest, cliff top overlooking the beach, deep in the mountains, under your favourite waterfall, or even your parents backyard. Elopement’s don’t have to be in a court house, if you don’t want yours to be.

For more information on how to legally elope within Australia, check out this blog post.

Myth 3 – Eloping is selfish

We just want to get real with you here – eloping is in no way selfish. There is nothing selfish about choosing how you want to celebrate your marriage. I just want to remind you that your wedding day, is about the two of you, no one else, and you deserve to celebrate it in the most meaningful way to you!

Big traditional weddings aren’t for everyone. So it’s about time we start celebrating them in the most authentic way we can! At the end of the day, if eloping is truly what you want to do. If it is what will make you the most happy on your wedding day. Then the people who care most about you will understand. Marriage should be selfish, because it is entirely about the two of you, your commitment to one another, and what you would love to do. Marriage is never about anyone else, so don’t let anyone tell you you’re being selfish.

Myth four – Elopements are only for people who love hiking

Elopements are for anyone who wants to celebrate their marriage in an intimate and authentic way for them. The best part of elopements are, that they are for everyone, and can be personalized to your relationship. You don’t have to hike 20km with a backpack on, if thats not who you are. If you love the idea of eloping in a scenic location, there are many short walks or even pull off the road locations that offer the views, just as good as a 20km hike!

You can elope in the city, in an urban venue with 10 guests, or perhaps, under a waterfall in your favourite national park just the two of you. Or even at a cliff top, overlooking the ocean with your favourite vendors, just off the side of the road. There are no restrictions to who can elope, how you have to elope, or where you can elope! Make this experience, a dream come true!

Myth five – They aren’t as special as a traditional wedding day.

This one is just simply not true. The only difference between a big wedding and an elopement is, that you don’t have hundreds of people watching you express your love to each other. From sharing your first kiss, to all the intimate special moments you share on your day! That doesn’t make it any less special, if anything, it makes it more special. When you elope, you are being more intentional with yourself, and creating an intimate experience to be yourselves. Without feeling like anyone is watching you, or within your personal space. We personally think, there’s nothing more special than that.

I hope this brought some clarity to you, and helped you better understand what it mean’s to elope!

if you have any questions, or are interested in discussing more about how to plan your dream elopement, feel free to reach out. We not only photograph elopements, we help you plan your dream day!