Grampians National Park Elopement Styled Shoot

Ideas & Inspiration

We created this styled shoot to show couples what an adventurous elopement in the Grampians National Park could look like! This shoot was designed as a source of inspiration for couples all over Australia, looking to elope in nature. Whilst showing you how to create a meaningful, adventurous and intimate wedding experience that feels true to you.

We are going to take you behind the scenes of this elopement story and share it from the perspective of it being a real elopement day. In order to further connect you to their story and show you how an adventurous National Park elopement could unfold.

Grampians National Park Elopement Ceremony

The start of the adventure

Adam and Dan married on May 27th 2023. They begun the day at their accommodation in Halls Gap. Where they made pancakes together for breakfast. One of their favourite ways to spend quality time together, is cooking in the kitchen and immersing themselves into their meal times. They made the batter together, cooked the pancakes on the stove and then sat down together at the table and enjoyed a slow start to their morning. Along the way, they found themselves chatting about the day ahead, their favourite memories as a couple and how excited they are to embark on this next chapter together.

Getting ready for the day ahead

Once they finished up their meal, they begun getting ready for the day. They helped each other into their wedding attire. From assisting one another with tying their ties, putting on their suit jackets, and boutonnieres. In between the final stages of putting on their attire, they had a still moment to sit on the couch and write their vows into their vow books. They wanted to sit close to one another, to feel into the words and love they have for one another. Whilst keeping the words themselves private, until the ceremony. It was a special moment, filled with a few cheeky glances, the energy of love in the air and excitement on their faces for the day ahead. From here they put on their hiking boots, packed their day packs, and headed to the car for the adventure ahead!

The ceremony

Adam and Dan wanted an intimate mountain top ceremony. Somewhere with 360 views all around. Where they could get away from any crowds and enjoy a private ceremony, just the two of them. They both love hiking, exploring and spending time in the wilderness. So on this day, they of course wanted nothing less. We hiked up Mount William, the long and winding track ahead. These two fit as a fiddle, made their way to the summit enjoying the views as they climbed.

Once they reached the summit, we found a quiet spot away from anyone else, where they began their ceremony and said their “I do’s”. They read their personal vows, filled with moments of tears, laughter and happiness. Exchanged rings, and promised their lives to one another. They celebrated with a champagne toast, where the wind had a mind of its own. Needless to say, us, the photographers, may have got a little bit wet! We cried of laughter in the absolute mishap the champagne spray was, whilst having a quick sip of the wine to warm ourselves up.

The adventure

After the ceremony and champagne toast, we found ourselves slowly desending back down the mountain and onto the next adventure of the day! They both love spending time exploring waterfalls, so of course, we have to include an epic waterfall in their adventure elopement day! Next we visited the ever so popular but for good reason, Mackenzie Falls, where we took some portraits and explored the area!

From here we parted ways, Adam and Dan headed back to their accommodation for an outfit change, and hit up a local brewery for dinner. Ending their adventure elopement day enjoying a good meal and a beer.

It was such an amazing day, telling the story of what an adventure elopement in the Grampians National Park could look like. And we are incredible grateful for Adam and Dan, for modelling us for the day and being up for the epic adventure!

We hope this story provides you with inspiration and ideas of how your adventure elopement story could unfold. If you are looking to elope in Australia, we would love to guide you through the process! We not only photograph adventurous elopements, we lead you every step of the planning journey to celebrating on your dream day! Get in touch to start dreaming up ideas for your epic elopement experience today!