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Best Elopement Locations on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, is one of the most profound locations in all of Australia. It’s famous for it’s winding coastal road, with epic views around every corner. People from all over the world, who don’t know anything about Australia, have probably even heard of the Great Ocean Road. Which is just one of the many reasons why we think it makes for the most incredible elopement location.

There is truly a type of scenery for every person. Whether it’s an ancient redwood forest as far as the eye can see, or an epic waterfall surrounded by all the native Australian trees, or it’s a stunning secluded beach with the most unique rock structures you have ever seen. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite locations along the Great Ocean Road, to make it easy for you to find your perfect spot for your adventure elopement!

Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls is a stunning waterfall at the bottom of a long staircase with a lookout halfway. Once you reach the bottom of the steps you are presented with a boardwalk that leads you to the bottom of the falls for the most epic backdrop.

There is a wooden platform with the falls in the backdrop, where you can have your ceremony, and watch the roaring water fall behind you. You can also follow the stream down river for a more “forest” backdrop for additional photo opportunities. Or you can venture along stream and get up close to the falls.

When it’s been recent rainfall and/or during wet seasons such as winter and spring, we highly suggest not getting up close to the falls as it can be very dangerous. Don’t let this deter you though, we promise you the platform is beautiful and the views are worth are highly worth the opportunity!

Point Addis

The Great Ocean Road has many spectacular elopement location, and Point Addis is definitely a top contender! This location offers a variety of backdrops, including a clifftop lookout and access to two seperate beaches. When driving into Point Addis National Marine Park, from the carpark, you can venture down the walking track to the clifftop lookout which over looks the entire coastline.

Alternately you can head down to the East facing Addiscot Beach, which is incredible for a sunrise elopement. Or if you drive down to the tip of the Marine Park, and visit the boardwalk lookout. From here, you can head down the stairs to the West facing beach which is perfect for a sunset elopement. These two different beaches vary in landscape and backdrop, and make for an incredible location to explore on your elopement day.

Picture having a private ceremony on the clifftop lookout over the ocean and coastline. Then heading down to the beach for sunset walk and celebratory picnic! It’s truly the perfect elopement location to extend your adventure and explore the area.

Hopetoun Falls

If you love exploring epic waterfalls, Hopetoun Falls offers the most spectacular backdrop for your elopement. This location is perfect for a couple who loves adventure and exploring the wilderness. You can venture right up the bottom of the falls, where there are giant rocks you can stand on. Picture yourselves, standing in the serenity of nature, with the gushing falls in the backdrop hitting the pool below.

The falls are surrounded by mossy rock walls, ferns, native trees and rainforest views all around. This elopement location is nestled in the Otway Ranges, surrounded by neighbouring waterfalls and the Redwood Forest. Making it the perfect Great Ocean Road elopement location, where you can extend the adventure and visit all the nearby scenic destinations on your special day!

Hopetoun Falls Elopement

St George River Lookout

St. George River Lookout is located 100 metres down the track from the very popular Teddy’s Lookout. But luckily for you, many tourists don’t make the extra 100 metre walk down to St. George Lookout! Making it a very secluded lookout with the same spectacular views as the popular Teddy’s Lookout.

This location offers green rolling hills, mountainous views, as well as cliffside ocean views. You can also follow the bushy track down to the river below.

There is an enclosed lookout which is spacious enough for an intimate ceremony, whilst overing the most spectacular views around. Whilst this location is in a popular area, it’s truly a tucked away hidden gem on the Great Ocean Road.

Port Campbell

Port Campbell National Park makes for the most diverse array of elopement locations along the Great Ocean Road. Whilst this region is popular amongst tourists – and for very good reason. You can absolutely still find off the beaten track locations that make the most perfect backdrop for an elopement.

Whilst getting married at the famous Twelve Apostles, might not be the most practical location, due to the high demand of foot traffic. Nearby spots like Gibson Steps where you can venture down the beach. Or one of the incredible walking tracks and lookouts surrounding Loch Arch Gorge, might be better suited!

If an elopement around Port Campbell is your dream location, definitely get in touch with us, as we help all our couples find their dream elopement locations! And we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hidden gem locations in this area.

Great Ocean Road Elopement

Redwood Forest

If you dream of a whimsical – forest elopement, the Otway Redwood Forest is the perfect Great Ocean Road elopement location for you! The towering red trees make for the most secluded feel on your special day. This location could be described as fairytale like, enchanted, or even deep into the wild.

It’s an expansive space to explore to find a spot of your own. There’s a river that runs through the forest, ferns scattering the ground below and towering redwoods surrounding you. The golden light shining through the trees in the morning or late evening brings this place to life on your elopement day.

Much like popular Californian Redwood Forest in the USA. This location offers a unique and un-typical backdrop here in Australia. If you dream of a forest elopement, you’ll definitely want to explore to this hidden gem on the Great Ocean Road.

Otway Redwood Forest Elopement

With so many amazing locations to explore, the Great Ocean Road is truly the perfect backdrop for any elopement experience! We are truly so fortunate to have this pristine, gorgeous coastline in our beautiful state of Victoria!

Once again, if any of these options strike your fancy, and you want to learn more about eloping on the Great Ocean Road, reach out, we’d love to guide you to your dream day!

We love working with couples to create and capture their dream elopement. We not only photograph this incredible experience for you, we help you craft up your most authentic experience, to relive through your photos forevermore! Get in touch to start dreaming up your elopement experience today!