How to choose your elopement location

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How to choose your elopement location

Choosing the perfect location to elope can be hard! 

The beauty of an elopement is that it can be EXACTLY what you want. But, at the same time, with so many options, places to go, and things to do, it can sometimes feel overwhelming.  It’s funny, because even though the freedom of choice is great – sometimes we don’t want THAT much choice!

We’ve got your back, elopements are our jam, and we’re here to help you to find that perfect location. 

Are you just getting started with planning your elopement? Not sure how to even start the process to choose a location?

Well, stick around, because we’ve got the 7 MOST IMPORTANT things to consider when choosing your dream elopement location

How to choose your elopement location

Scenery & Views 

First thing’s first, what do you actually want to be looking at on your special day (other than deeply into each other’s eyes – cute!)?!

Is it a coastal vibe you’re looking for? A jungle? Maybe it’s the snow?! Have a think about what kind of environment makes you feel most alive, and where you love to spend time together as a couple. 

This is a great place to start, because as much as it sounds a bit clichéd to think about what makes you feel most alive, it will really help!

Narrowing down your ideal location to a specific environment will take thousands of choices and give you a filtered down version of your special day. 

Coastal Elopement Location

Season & Weather 

For some of us, we LOVE the cold. Gloomy, moody, foggy conditions feel so romantic and fun. On the other hand, the idea of a warm, sunny day sounds like the best thing ever. You might also feel a little bit in between – but considering what type of temperature and season you thrive in will certainly help you on your way. 

Also, make sure you take into consideration what the landscape will be like at that time of year. If you’re eloping in the high country, by a waterfall, will the water be flowing? Maybe you want to elope in a botanical garden – will there be leaves on the trees and flowers everywhere?

Your guide to choosing an elopement location


How easy is it to access your potential locations? For some places, it may be in the middle of nowhere, and the only forms of transportation are 4×4 or helicopter, or maybe it’s an island that can only be reached by boat. This is important to consider as it can impact your budget in a huge way!

If you’re planning on having guests, make sure that the location will be accessible for them too. Will your grandparents be able to handle the 4km hike, or is it worth considering a more accessible, equally beautiful location?

Secluded elopement location


Privacy and seclusion can mean a lot for some of us when we elope. You might be wanting somewhere completely off the beaten track, out in the wilderness. If so, are you willing to venture out to find somewhere perfect (you bet we would!)?

Maybe you’re hoping to elope in a location that’s a little busier, it might even be a bit of a tourist hotspot. If so, consider whether you’d be comfortable with a crowd, or whether you’d like the place a little quieter. Don’t be afraid to think about the option of a sunrise elopement to avoid the crowds, don’t mind us, but the lighting and mood makes for some STUNNING photos!

How to choose your Australian elopement location


Make sure to think about your guests! Are you wanting them there with you the whole day, or just for little snippets? Figure out where you do and don’t want them involved, and then you can make decisions from there. 

A couple of super important things to consider here are:

How will transport work? Consider whether your guests will be able to get to your location for themselves, or if you will have to organise transport. 

Will your chosen location work for the number of people you invite? Eloping at a large open space bodes well for more people, whereas if you’re hoping for a quaint elopement at a small lookout, you might not be able to invite as many loved ones!

Australian elopement locations

Significance and Meaning 

This one links back strongly to idea 1 – the key to an amazing elopement location is finding somewhere that truly means something to you as a couple. 

Maybe it’s the place you went on your first holiday together, or a special environment that gives you so many happy memories. It might even be somewhere that’s significant to your family or your heritage!

The deeper your understanding and love for the location, the more you’ll feel comfortable and at home for your elopement!

Eloping in Australia

Experience & Activities 

Is there a particular type of experience you’re after? Maybe you’re one for adventure, and couldn’t think of anything better than eloping after a big day hiking, diving, or on the slopes. 

Maybe the significance for you, isn’t in a location, but instead an activity. It could be a hot air balloon ride, some stargazing by an open fire, or simply just relaxing with a spa and wine tasting. Ultimately, the world is your oyster (unless you don’t like oysters of course!), and you can make your day fit whatever you’d really like to do!

How to choose your elopement location

Implementing these concepts into the conversations you have with your partner about your elopement, will definitely help you in narrowing down your options for your perfect elopement at the perfect location! 

As elopement photographers, we understand just how exciting your special day will be. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or stressed – we’ll be there with you step-by-step to ensure that everything is perfect. 

With our experience, we’re not just your go-to behind the camera, we also specialise in guiding elopements for you adventure-loving couples! 

We can work alongside you to put together a custom location guide for your day, tailored to you and developed with just the right balance of research and love! If you’re keen to chat more, head to our contact page and fill out the form – we’d love to hear from you!