How to plan a multi day elopement experience

Ideas & Inspiration

While multi day elopement experiences, aren’t anything new! They are definitely at an all time high, with the rise of elopements becoming more acceptable and popular. A multi day elopement experience simply just means that you celebrate your elopement over multiple days.

There are a few reasons and ways couples choose to have multi day elopement experiences. We’re going to dive into the top 3 most common ways couples do this, and show you how to plan your own!

Splitting your elopement day in two parts

The first reason you might consider having a multi day elopement experience, is because you crave a “just the two of you” elopement experience. Yet also desire to include loved ones, and feel their support on your day. The simplest way to achieve the best of both worlds, in this scenario, is to split your day into two parts.

Part one, being for just the two of you. This could be an entire day of celebrations, or just the morning of your elopement day, completely alone just the two of you. This may look like, private vow reading, sharing in a romantic meal, or partaking in your favourite activity together. Some of the most popular activities couples choose to include in their elopement experiences are, hiking, scenic flights (helicopter, float plane, hot air balloon, etc.), or some type of water activity! (canoeing, paddle boarding, surfing, etc.).

Then part two, would be celebrating with family. Again, this could be done later on your elopement day. Or on a completely separate day. This might look like a post elopement celebration, a few weeks later or even the following day, with just a dinner reception celebration. Or on the same day, when you had your private vow reading in the morning, partaken in your favourite activity, and shared in your favourite meal. Then joining your guests, in the afternoon for your legal ceremony, followed by a celebratory meal.

Splitting your day in two, easily allows you to have the best of both worlds, especially if you choose to have a multi-day elopement experience. You will get a full day entirely focused on your love and your relationship, celebrating in the ways that feel most true to you. Then joining loved ones later on, to feel that support and share in your next chapter with your loved ones!

Destination & Honeymoon Elopements

The second most common reason couples choose to have a multi day elopement experience, is because they are having a destination elopement. This might look like going on their honeymoon/a holiday, and get married along the way! Or a single destination with fully planned wedding overseas, and a honeymoon elsewhere.

The reason why this would be a multi-day elopement experience would be because you would most likely have your legal ceremony back home, and then your overseas elopement would be symbolic ceremony. Meaning you won’t legally be getting married that day, yet it would be the day you celebrate and create your actual elopement experience on. This is the easiest way to legally marry when having a destination wedding, as you can ensure all the legalities and paperwork are completed in your home state. That way you don’t have to worry about hiring a celebrant overseas and the different laws between countries. For more information on commitment/symbolic ceremonies, check out our blog post here.

You might also desire to partake in activities across the span of few days whilst on your holiday. It’s the perfect chance to do in everything you love to do, and celebrate over a couple days! This could look like a day before celebration on a private yacht, sailing through the bays of Greece. Then the following day, having your commitment/symbolic ceremony of the cliffs of Milo. Spending your day driving a rental classic car through the historical streets, playing tourist, and ending the day off at a beautiful terrace dinning experience overlooking the ocean.

Multi-day elopement experiences, allow you to document the full adventure and to celebrate over a fews days, rather then limiting your celebrations to a few short hours, or just one full day.

Extend the celebration

While you most definitely don’t have to be flying overseas to extend your celebration, you can also do it at home! Whether with family or alone, plan a weekend getaway within your own state (or out of state) and celebrate over a few days!

If having guests, this could look like renting out private cabins at a resort for you and your loved ones. Or a big house with lots of rooms! Planning a getaway weekend at your own private place, with a range of activities to partake in each day. Then on the nicest day, out of all the days, choose to have your ceremony on that day! This allows you to go with the flow, and create a wedding experience that you will love. Whilst also getting to celebrate with everyone!

If you are choosing to elope without guests, it could be booking yourselves a private room, an entire villa, or a dreamy airbnb for a few nights away. You could plan a day before adventure. This could be hiking, a day at the beach, playing tourist in your favourite town, hiring a boat for the day, going on a wine tour, etc. (For more ideas check out our blog post here). Then on the second day, having your ceremony, partaking in any other activities you love, sharing in a celebratory meal, and anything you could possibly dream!

Multi-day elopement experiences allow you to go with the flow and create your own traditions. Whilst also creating your own adventure, and do your wedding your way! Don’t feel like you have to limit your celebration to just one day. Eloping allows you to have unlimited possibilities when it comes to how you choose to celebrate.

We not only photograph adventurous elopement experience, we help all our couples plan their dream elopement experience! Whether you stick to one day, or feel inspired to create a multi-day wedding, we would be honoured to show you the way! Get in touch today, to receive an abundance of recourses, all your questions answered, and your own personal guides to your greatest adventure yet! We can’t wait to meet you! x