Our top ten non-traditional wedding ideas

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Non-Traditional Elopement Ideas

As much as traditional weddings are amazing, we LOVE all things non-traditional, unique and adventurous.

Having a non-traditional wedding means you can enjoy your special day in a way that makes you happiest as a couple. It’s a great way to relieve that wedding stress and enjoy the day for what it truly is – a reflection and celebration of your love.

Keep reading for our top 10 non-traditional wedding ideas, to inspire the day of your dreams!

One. Walk each other down the aisle!

Strolling down the wedding aisle together can be a really cute and fun way to start off the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, brides are walked down the aisle by their father in a representation of passing the daughter to the groom, providing blessing and support.

Maybe you’re not a fan of the idea of being ‘given away’, or would prefer not to have a family member walk you down the aisle. Walking the aisle together as a couple is a great way to feel super comfortable and at home to kick things off.

So, if it feels most natural to you, why not do it?

We love how each couple comes up with their own beautiful, unique ideas, and if walking down the aisle together is one of them, we’re all about it!

Two. Two people, Two bouquets

What better to be our second tip? Who says you both can’t carry flowers?! This is becoming a really great trend, and we can’t get enough of it.

The more colour and freshness the better!

Three. Private Vows

It’s super common to not feel comfortable expressing our deepest feelings with our partner in front of our loved ones. As much as it’s beautiful to hear, it can be stressful and scary – we don’t want that on your wedding day.

If you feel like this, why not arrange a time to sneak away from your guests and share your intimate vows alone! This can also be a really beautiful way to capture some amazing candid moments, with shots of memories that will last for eternity.

These private vows can be done whenever you like! Maybe during a first look, after the ceremony, or even during your portraits – the world is your oyster.

Four. Get ready together

Traditionally, couples spend the night before the wedding apart and don’t see each other till the ceremony.

As much as that first glance down the aisle can be so amazing, spending the day of your wedding together can be truly so special. Doing something fun and relaxed in the morning, and then helping each other to get ready is a great way to experience your wedding day in a bit of a different way!

It can be a really special memory seeing everything come together for your special day, as a couple! Share it, take it all in and enjoy it together.

Five. Non-assigned seating

Traditional weddings can get quite awkward when people that don’t know or like each other are forced to sit together. Letting your guests sit wherever they please can be a great way to bring about a peaceful and comfortable vibe at your wedding!

The idea of being forced to sit with a particular person can be enough to ruin a day, so let your guests sit wherever they want – let them have fun and forget about relationships and dynamics!

Six. Spend the night before together

The chances are, if you’re already living together, you already hate sleeping apart!

You don’t have to force yourselves to be apart before the most special day of your lives, if you’d rather spend the night and morning together – do it!!

Seven. Have a private first dance

Take a moment away from your guests to just enjoy being together! Ask your photographers to bring along a speaker and find somewhere to relax in the comfort of each other’s arms – enjoy that first dance!

This can be a really beautiful way of doing some private vows too, it’s as tranquil and romantic as it gets!

Eight. Do something fun on the morning of your wedding!

A super fun way of enjoying the morning of your wedding, in a bit of a non-traditional way, is to pick an activity that you love doing together!

Things like surfing, hiking, paddle boarding, a cooking class, a spa or hot springs session are really fun ways of enjoying that special morning with each other!

Nine. Have a private ceremony, then celebrate with your loved ones

A really amazing way to enjoy a quiet, relaxed wedding ceremony is to make a private adventure of it.

One of our go-to plans that we love suggesting is to have a private morning, with a first look, private vow exchange and ceremony. From there, partake in one of your favourite activities, like a picnic or a walk along the beach – then join your loved ones later in the day for an afternoon of celebration and good times!

Ten. Wear whatever you want

This one might be the most obvious way to baulk wedding traditions! At the end of the day, you can wear whatever you want – dress up in what makes you most comfortable and happy.

It might be a colourful or patterned dress, black clothes, jumpsuits, shorts or a shirt without a jacket! We’ll even go as far to say you can even wear your activewear!!

As we mentioned earlier, wedding traditions are great, and we love seeing them. But, if that’s not you, we feel you – so, be sure to keep these tips in mind for your wedding.

We absolutely love working alongside you to capture the wedding of your dreams, however that may be!

If you have any questions about how we can help, or what we do, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to chat!