Danielle & Alex’s Mornington Peninsula Winter Elopement


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LOCATION: Shoreham, Mornington Peninsula 

Danielle & Alex wed at Shoreham Pines in early August. Alex being from England, and Dani being Australian, they decided to officially tie the knot on one of Alex’s 3 month stints whilst visiting Dani in Australia. These two have been doing long distance for many years, making it work from across the globe, but on this day they have chosen to come together and plan the rest of their future physically together.

But they weren’t always living worlds apart. They actually met when Dani was living abroad in England, and was looking for a roommate! They lived together for 6 months as roommates before they ever considered it may be something more. But then Alex decided to move abroad to Australia – of all places. And then when Dani moved back to Australia, Alex then went back to the UK. Throwing a few obstacles in their way! 

But nonetheless, they stayed in contact over the years, forming a really close connection and incredible friendship. That when their worlds finally did collide again, and they happened to both be back in the UK at the same time again, they were inseparable. 

They have since travelled the world together, meeting up in extraordinary locations and of course visiting each other's home countries. They say distance grows the heart fonder, and in fact these two knew they never wanted to be apart.

On one of Danielle’s visits to the UK, they both proposed to each other at the same time! Being totally completely on the same page. They spent the evening watching the sunset at a waterfall on the beach – how cool!! And shared in lollies, champagne, a picnic and card games.

Their elopement day was entirely their own. They both admitted, before one another they never really thought they would get married. They didn’t feel aligned with the traditional customs of weddings but eloping was much more them! They married just the two of them, amongst a pine forest overlooking the beach. Ceremonies with Haylie, led them through a heartfelt and very emotional ceremony. Where they shared in handwritten vows to one another and promised a lifetime more of travel, adventures and building an incredible life together.

We then headed to a special beach they had visited in the past together during one of Alex’s many visits. They had a quick outfit change in the car park, into outfits that were a "less traditional and more them". Then ran wild, taking in the sunset, being silly and goofy and totally themselves. They popped bubbly, drank champagne, and shared in a picnic and a cake (literally smashed it in each other's faces!!) and played card games as the sun set. 

They made their day completely their own. And embraced all that marriage means to them. 

It was non-traditional, intimate and the most special day they could have ever asked for!

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