Lihn & Mike’s Great Ocean Road Elopement


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LOCATION: Great ocean road, vic, au

Linh & Mike's beautiful elopement day was brought together by the amazing Planner Wedding's By E, Celebrant Emily Hall, and Elopement photographers, Coast & Pines.

It was important for Linh & Mike to include their puppy Buster in their day, as well as pay tribute to Mike's Ukrainian heritage during their intimate ceremony. They married at Teddy's Lookout on the Great Ocean Road, just the two of them and Buster, of course. With Mike being from the Ukraine, they wanted to incorporate the traditional Ukrainian wedding attire for their ceremony. They also stressed the importance of having a greenery backdrop, to represent the Ukrainian landscape. We helped them find a beautiful lookout with a mountainous, greenery backdrop for their ceremony. Where they shared heartfelt vows and Mike set up his phone on zoom for his family to watch back home. Even though they couldn't understand in English, the tears were flowing over the screen and it was a very emotional moment for everyone. 
After their ceremony, they made their way back to their AirbNb in Airely's Inlet, for an outfit change into their western wedding attire! They got changed separately, and joined together again for a first look with their outfit change. They shared in a special moment with the golden light shining through the trees in the backyard behind them.

From here, we headed off for a sunset adventure at Point Addis Beach! We watched the sunset fall behind the horizon line, took some portraits and allowed them to have the space to just be and enjoy these special moments just the two of them, and their pup Buster, of course! 

It was a very intimate and special day for these two, bringing their two worlds together and forming their own new chapter as a family. 

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