Fifteen reasons why couples choose to elope

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Elopement’s aren’t just a 2020 trend. Elopements are here to stay. And perhaps if you found yourself clicking on this blog post, chances are, you are tying up with the idea that maybe you might want to elope for your wedding day!

There are SO many reasons couples choose to elope. Every couple has a difference situation, different perspective, and a unique story to tell. Which is why we wanted to share 15 of the most common reasons why couples elope.

By the end of this blog post, you’ll know whether or not an elopement is right for you. If you can relate to 1 or more of these statements, chances are eloping is the perfect fit for you. And on the contrary, if you can’t relate to any of the statements, then maybe a big traditional wedding is more you! There is no right or wrong way to get married. That’s why we want to show you that there is more than one way. And eloping allows you to have a day, that’s 100% your way.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of eloping, and explore the 15 most common reasons why couples choose to forgo the big wedding, and elope instead!

One – Put the focus entirely on the two of you

Elopements allow you to skip all the fuss, and put focus back on the two of you. Because after all, that’s what this is all about, the two of you. They allow you to draft up your own unique rules, and create a timeline filled with things you love to do together!

Whether you partake in adventurous activities you both love such as hiking, surfing, paddle boarding or star gazing next to the camp fire. You share a meal in your favourite way with your favourite cuisine. Or you choose a location that means the world to the two of you – OR you do all of the above! Eloping allows you to do all the things that truly feel like you, and while putting the focus entirely on sharing these special moments together, just the two of you.

Two – You don’t feel align with the traditional aspects of a wedding day

If you’re anything like us, then a traditional wedding probably just doesn’t feel anything like you! And that’s okay! Because you can do your wedding your way! Maybe the idea of being “given away”, or being surrounded by distant relatives you’ve only met a few times, or feeling the pressure to please everyone around you, or wearing “white” because your suppose too – just all feels a bit “yuck” to you. This is a sign that you can do whatever you want to! And eloping allows you to do just that!

Three – You would rather spend your money on an experience, rather than material items and hosting a party

Perhaps the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on hiring 80 chairs and 20 long tables just doesn’t seem fun to you. This might be your jam instead – an all inclusive honeymoon, with an adventurous mountaintop elopement.

Picture yourselves getting ready together at your epic A-Frame cabin airbnb tucked away in the woods. Hiking to the mountain summit for your intimate just the two of you “on top of the world” ceremony. To end the day off with a nights stay at your incredible accommodation, soaking in the spa and enjoying camp fire overlooking a beautiful property. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

If you’d rather spend your money on creating lasting meaningful memories, then materialistic items to please other people, than an elopement is probably for you!

Winter Elopement in Australia

Four – You don’t want to pay the big price tag of a traditional wedding

While elopements don’t necessarily have to be inexpensive, they often just end up being less than a traditional wedding. This is because you’re not spending money on a hundred other people. It’s simply much more feasible to arrange a luxury dining experience for you, then to cater 100 guests dinners, canapés, and beverages.

Weddings are all about creating an experience for your guests, while elopements are all about creating an experience for the two of you. So while those costs may add up, they probably won’t be anywhere near what you would have spent on 100 guests.

Five – You want to spend your day doing something you love

Another huge reason couples choose to elope is because they can saturate their day with all the things they love! Maybe this is visiting a bucket list location, or partaking in your favourite activities, or just keeping things simple and true to you.

Whether you go off gallivanting the world, or you choose to backpack up a mountain for your hiking ceremony, or you spend your morning in the ocean together catching waves, or you finish off your day in your favourite way with a picnic on the beach. You’re elopement allows you to fill up your timeline with all the things you love doing together!

Six – You don’t want the stress of planning a big wedding

Wedding planning comes along with many expectations and pressures of what your day “should” be. It also comes with a lot of planning – to please other people especially. When you elope, you get to ditch all those pressures, and expectations. You simply cut them out, and just do you.

While elopement planning still takes some organisation and planning, it’s a lot less than a big wedding would endure. Plus you are now planning an experience centred around the two of you. So it most likely will be a lot more fun for you, because it’s something you actually want to do!

By investing in vendors who specialize in elopements *like ourselves* you can ensure a stress free experience, as we help you every step of the way! Resulting in the most seamless, easy, planning process possible!

Seven – You are introverted and privacy is important to you

Part of being an introvert is that naturally you find social interaction for long periods of time draining. So maybe the idea of a wedding surrounded by many people for many hours might feel very draining to you too! When you elope, you can skip over all the social interactions that come with a wedding day, and just be the two of you in your little introvert private love bubble.

Eloping will ensure you preserve all your energy to truly enjoy your day, doing all the things you love to do most, with your favourite person. It allows you to cut out the stress, expectations, draining social interactions and just soak up all the moments, just the two of you!

Eight – You don’t want to wait to get married

If the idea of waiting and having to plan a big event feels dreadful to you, and you just want to make it official now! Eloping makes it incredibly easy to ditch all the fuss, and allows you to get married now. While also creating a sweet and simple wedding experience that feels like the two of you!

You can always celebrate with loved ones later, but if skipping the wait line is what you’re after – eloping makes it so much easier! Check out our “how to plan an elopement in 4 weeks” blog post.

Nine – You love the idea of having the freedom to do whatever you want on our day

Another reason to elope is because you want something different for your wedding day – something that feels more true to you. Luckily for you, eloping allows you the freedom to do anything you want to do!

If a pre-structured wedding timeline filled with age old traditions feels the furthest from you, and you’re after a freedom filled, laid back day, just doing you – eloping is perfect for you!

Check out our blog post “101+ Activity Ideas For Your Elopement Day” to find inspiration for your special day!

Ten – The idea of showing the more intimate side of our relationship in front of others makes you uncomfortable

If privacy and keeping your intimacy intimate, is important to you, you can simply skip over the feeling awkward and uncomfortable and choose to elope instead! No one has to watch you kiss, or spill your heart out to one another. When you elope, you don’t have to hold back on your true affection with one another. You can authentically and truly just be yourselves together and allow all the emotions to flow privately and safely for just the two of you.

Eleven – You would love to say our vows somewhere remote

If you love exploring the deep ends of the earth together, maybe a remote location is where the two of you picture yourselves promising your forever.

Instead of forgoing your dream spot to please your loved ones, who will simple not be able to join you somewhere so remote – choose to elope instead and put yourselves first.

The place you choose to get married should be a place that makes you feel most alive, most yourselves and be the one place you couldn’t imagine yourselves not being on your dream day. So put yourselves first, and choose to elope so you can have your dream day, in your dream place.

For help with finding your dream location, check out our blog post “How To Choose Your Elopement Location”.

Twelve -You like to keep things simple, and not make a big fuss

If you enjoy the simple things in life, aren’t about all the attention, and creating a big scene – then perhaps an elopement is the right way for you to get married! Skip the fuss, the fluff, and the big production feel – and instead create something simple, sweet and true to you.

Thirteen – You want to explore somewhere incredible and make it part of your honeymoon

Eloping doesn’t have to be a one day thing, it can be part of your honeymoon! If when you dream of your “wedding experience”, all you can picture is yourselves on an epic adventure. Then maybe booking that dream honeymoon and choosing to elope on one of the days is the perfect wedding experience for you!

When you elope there are no rules. So if eloping whilst on your honeymoon is your dream, then we say an elopement is 100% for you!

Fourteen – You want photos that truly represent the two of you

Wedding days can quickly turn into a series of traditions and “supposed to happen” moments that look a whole lot like every other wedding day. You might have all the same moments in your gallery as the next person. But when you elope, you get to tell your own story. Eloping creates the space to write your own rules, craft up your own traditions, and do whatever the heck you really want to do!

So if having photos that actually represent the two of you, tell your unique love story, and look nothing like anything anyones ever done before – is important to you. You should definitely consider getting married your way, and making your own rules!

Fifteen – You want to avoid any wedding day drama

It’s no lie, that no family is perfect. And some families might have a little more drama than others. Skip the drama, and skip the awkward family relations. You don’t need to be dealing with anyone else’s drama on your wedding day!

If you’re afraid of encountering uncomfortable tensions on your day, maybe an elopement is your perfect escape!

Well there you have it, 15 reasons why an elopement might be right for you! If you related to any of these statements, then chances are, an eloping is the perfect fit for you!

If you’re not sure where to start, or have a million questions going through your head – get in touch! We not only photograph intimate wedding experiences, we help guide you through the process of creating your dream day. Eloping shouldn’t be stressful, allow us to show you the way.