Top five tips for getting the best couple photos

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Getting your photos taken with your partner can feel a little daunting. Neither of you are professional models, and being in front of the camera can feel a little awkward, especially with a photographer you may have never met before. But despite all of this, you really value documenting your live together, and love the idea of looking back on this season of your life, years from now.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be daunting! As photographers, it’s our job to make you feel comfortable and create a safe space for your true selves to shine through during your session!

So how do we do that? Well first, we make sure we plan a session around YOU. In this blog post, we’re sharing with you our top 5 tips to get the absolute best couples photos! So you can go into your session with confidence knowing you are getting the absolute most out our your couple session!

one: choice a location that reflect you

The first step to getting amazing couple photos with your partner, is choosing a location that reflects the two of you. Ultimately the more comfortable you feel in the environment you are in, will only add to the experience the way you feel in your photos. If you hate the city, but you get your portraits walking down the hustle and bustle of Flinders Street, chances are you probably won’t like the photos. Choose somewhere you LOVE to spend time together.

Think to yourself…
– Where would we normally go on an adventure, just the two of us?
– What is our favourite type of scenery? Beach, forest, coastal bush walk, city streets, cliff top views?
– In which environments do you feel most yourselves?

Mornington Peninsula Couple Session

two: be vulnerable and don’t hold back

It can be scary letting someone into your intimate relationship, and letting your true emotions flow in front of the camera. Trust us, we totally understand, we’re definitely not the PDA type ourselves.

But in order to create honest photographs that FEEL like you. It’s important to let your guard down. You don’t have to make out, and do anything that you normally wouldn’t do in public. But allowing your natural connection to shine through, truly makes a world of a difference in your photos. And don’t worry, as photographers, it’s our job to make sure you feel comfortable and create a safe space to be yourselves.

Through getting to know you beforehand, and with guidance throughout the session. If you allow us in, you’ll be able to let your true selves shine through at your session.

three: dress like yourselves

You might think getting your professional photos taken means you have to rush out and buy a bunch of new outfits because you have nothing in your wardrobe you’ve seen in photos before. But we recommend, wearing something that makes you feel like a million bucks, versus what you’ve seen everyone else wearing! Dress in YOUR favourite clothes, the ones that make you feel comfortable, and amazing.

Don’t worry about wearing the fanciest thing. If your go to is high waisted jeans or a flowy summer dress – rock it! Also keep in mind the type of environment you are having your photos taken in. If you wouldn’t normally wear a skirt and high heels on a coastal walk by the sea, then maybe opt for the jeans and sneakers! Keep in mind what you would normally wear in the environment and what will make you feel most comfortable on the day.

Ultimately, if you feel uncomfortable in what your wearing, it will take away from getting the best couple photos!

Mornington Peninsula Couples Photography

four: forget the “photoshoot” part

You might be thinking, but it is a photoshoot, so how could I forget? But you’re not getting these photos taken for your photographer. You’re getting these photos taken for YOU. To document your love story and create a special experience to remember. So forget about the camera, and focus on your connection, and enjoying this adventurous experience together. Don’t worry, your photographer knows what they are doing. While we may guide you through the scenes, and give prompts here and there to keep things moving. It’s important to just focus on your partner and having the most fun on this adventure together!

When you put the focus back on the two of you, how you naturally connect, doing something you love to do. You will allow your true selves to shine through, and create the absolute best couple photos you could ever dream of receiving.

five: trust your photographers

We’ve kind of touched on this one throughout. But the last and final tip we have to share with you about how to get the best couple photos, is to trust your photographers. We are the experts, and it’s our job to make you feel like a rockstar in every photograph! So make sure you are hiring someone you can trust, someone you feel comfortable with, and someone whose style you absolutely love. One you find that dream photographer for you, whether that be us or someone else amazing -TRUST THEM.

Trust their guidance, trust their vision, and ultimately just soak up the experience they’ve helped create for you. We got you!

How to get the most out of your couple photos

We hope you are now feeling a little more confident going into your couple session! And these tips were super helpful! Be sure to check out our further resources under the blog tab. To find more tips and tricks for your session or elopement day!