Top tips for a winter elopement in Australia

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Australian Winter Elopement

When we think Winter Elopement, it’s next to a warm fireplace, watching the sunset under a blanket.

We love the idea of winter elopements, and often they’re the most special, because they’re super romantic, comfortable and chilled out.

Being winter, there are always a few things to keep in the back of your mind, so check out these 5 tips to make sure you’ve got all bases covered!

Winter Elopement on the Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria Australia

Be flexible with your plans

This is definitely the most important thing for a winter elopement – because you never know what you might get. It might be a beautiful, barmy blue day, with birds chirping and the sun shining down. Or, it might feel like it’s snowing (maybe it’s ACTUALLY snowing).

Being prepared for any outcome means you’ve got a couple of backup plans up your sleeve to ensure you still have the most amazing day. Of course, taking into account the weather is the big one, but consider how this might affect other things too, could there be road closures? Maybe your vendors won’t be able to offer their services?

So, consider having a backup location, as well as ensuring that your vendors can still cater for your situation, no matter where you end up!

Cozying up next to a fire on their winter elopement day

Make sure you have the proper equipment and supplies!

When planning your winter elopement, make sure you’ve got the goods! You don’t wanna be left cold, wet or stranded somewhere on your big day.

If you’re venturing off somewhere that’s a little bit off the beaten track, you might need to consider hiring a 4X4, if it’s potentially snowy, make sure you grab some snow chains too.

In terms of clothes, layers are your best friend! Don’t be scared to throw on some thermals under your wedding attire and add a stylish jacket or shawl to top things off. Also, be sure you’ve got the proper shoes or boots to suit the environment.

If you’ve got vendors coming along, make sure they’re experienced with the potential conditions, as that will make for a smoother day – and they’ll definitely be able to give you some pointers along the way!

Make sure to ask yourselves other questions depending on what activities you’ll be doing. Have you got everything sorted for a walk in the snow or some skiing? Have you organised a helicopter up to the top of a mountain or glacier?

At the end of the day, you want to have every I dotted and each T crossed, so be diligent in your planning to make your special day run smoothly!

Australian winter elopement tips

Consider the location’s remoteness & how long you will spend there

Being in a remote or new location is the fun of an elopement, but be sure you have the timing and logistics planned beforehand!

Will you just be outside for a short time? Maybe just the ceremony and some portraits? Or will you be spending the day roaming outside, enjoying the fresh air and the cool weather?

Have a think about the location itself too, will you need some accommodation or food somewhere nearby? Check out what options you have and book something beforehand.

Also be sure to consider how long you want to be outside, if you love the cold and can be outside all day, that’s great. Or if you know you get chilly quickly and have poor circulation, you might want to limit your time in the great outdoors!

Winter Elopement in Melbourne, Australia

Find ways to make the most of your wintry elopement

Cosy elopements are the best, so if you’re planning on eloping in winter, organise your day to make things as comfortable and romantic as possible. Maybe you could find some accommodation with a great fireplace and moody styling, that makes you want to just snuggle up and cherish the moment. Have a look at our 8 top Airbnbs to elope at for some inspo!

If you love a freshly toasted marshmallow, light up a fire and enjoy some carefree time together.

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, bring along a thermos full of hot chocolate to enjoy together afterwards (or during!). We can just picture a quaint lakeside ceremony and a nice, rich cup of hot choc to warm up the hands and the soul.

Maybe you’ll go for a ski or a hike on your wedding day. Make the most of a lodge or café at the end of the day, to relax and have some tea and cake.

There are SO many ways to enjoy a wintry elopement – it makes us so happy just writing about it!

Airbnb for a winter elopement in Australia

Incorporate your fave winter activities into the experience

At the end of the day, your wedding is about YOU. You can do whatever you want to celebrate and enjoy your future together. Sometimes it’s about the full traditional experience, but for some of us, it’s about doing something that truly embodies us.

Nothing celebrates you as a couple better than doing something together that you genuinely love. Your elopement doesn’t just have to be a little ceremony and a couple of photos – it can be a day filled with fun, exhilarating, or chilled out activities that reflect your companionship and life together.

Maybe you want to spend your day on the slopes, snowboarding or skiing. It could be some ice skating or even dogsledding. The stereotypical winter activities are perfect for an elopement. Not only because they’re super fun and peaceful, but they culminate in warming up in a comfortable, fancy lodge or accommodation, where you can get cosy and enjoy the knowledge that this is your life as a couple.

Nothing’s better than enjoying an elopement by doing the things you truly love. So, harness those winter activities to enjoy the MOST special day.

Winter elopement activities

How you spend your wintry elopement is completely up to you – and the best thing is there are so many amazing ways to enjoy it! When organising your day, we hope you keep these tips in the back of your mind, because we want you to the best day of your lives!

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming blog – BEST LOCATIONS FOR WINTER ELOPEMENT IN AUSTRALIA for some epic destination ideas!

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