The most unique elopement locations in Australia

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Australian Elopement Locations

Australia is home to some of the most diverse landscapes, from Mountains, Lakes, Clifftops, Deserts, Forests – and not to mention, the most incredible beaches in the world! You really can’t go wrong choosing Australia as your elopement or honeymoon location!

While there are some incredible well known spots to elope here in Australia, we thought we would introduce you to some of the lesser known, and more unique locations here in Australia! These locations are so unique, like non other in the world, right here in Australia. Making for the perfect adventurous elopement location for your special day!

Check out our top 7 most unique elopement locations in Australia below!

Lord Howe Island

A piece of paradise off the coast of Port Macquarie in New South Wales lies an island similarly as tropical and pristine as Hawaii. Known for it’s lush tropical greenery, aquamarine waters, and incredible untouched coral reefs as far as the eye can see.

Lord Howe Island only allows 400 visitors at one time, making for a very secluded and private place to celebrate your elopement. There are so many activities and fun things to get up to on the island, you’ll be sure to jam pack your elopement day with the best of the best experiences! From incredible snorkelling and diving tours, to a guided day hike up the iconic Mount Gower, or gentle strolls around the islands many walking tracks. Or even enjoy a romantic picnic on the beach for 2 – there’s a plentiful of things to do.

This location would make for the most perfect extended honeymoon elopement. Book your dream honeymoon holiday on Lord Howe Island and get married on one of the days! Lord Howe Island is such a unique and hidden gem here in Australia, making for your perfect elopement location!

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Satellite Island

Satellite Island is picturesque private island in the South of Tasmania only accessible by boat. When you book a stay on Satellite Island, you reserve the entire island to yourself. With access to both accommodations on the island, the boathouse and the summerhouse plus a luxury bell tent. The island can accommodate up to 8 people. Making for the perfect intimate elopement location with a few guests or just the two of you.

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Okay, maybe this one isn’t one of the “lesser known” locations, but it definitely is unique! Previously known as Ayers rock, Uluru is an ancient historical landmark that holds a scared place for aboriginals. The Anganu people welcome travellers in to witness their ancient historical landmarks and learn their culture. So it is a real privilege to get married in such a sacred and special place.

If you are after a true Australian elopement, why not get married in the heart of the country, on scared aboriginal land. You could stay at the incredible and luxurious Longitude 131 accommodation. And take part in the many any activities in the area, on or leading up to your day. Such as riding a camel into your elopement ceremony, or take a scenic flight around Kings Canyon, or witness the magic of the field of lights. You could even enjoy a romantic dining experience under the desert moon, or explore one of the 6 incredible walking tracks around Uluru

Urulu is truly a magical place, and makes for the perfect adventure elopement location in Australia!

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Mungo National Park

Mungo National Park is the absolute most hidden gem located in New South Wales. This desert environment almost resembles a landscape such as mars. And could be described as similar to the ever so popular Death Valley, or Monument Valley desert elopement locations you see in America.

If a desert elopement is what you are after, you truly can’t go wrong in this indescribable, out of this world National Park here in Australia.

Image sourced via National Parks NSW

The Kimberley

The vast ancient landscapes of the Kimberley region, in Western Australia, is home to some of the most unique landscapes in all of Australia. This incredible location lies three times larger than England. Making for the most vast area in all of Australia to explore. It truly is the ultimate location for an adventure elopement experience here in Australia!

Partake in day hikes, scenic flights, or visiting some of the incredible waterfalls. Anywhere from the Bungle Bungles, to King George Falls, there’s something unique for everyone to explore.

The Kimberley region is a place everyone should have on their bucket list. If an elopement here isn’t in the cards for you, you might want to consider it for your adventure honeymoon!

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Southwest National Park

If you’ve read any of our previous blog posts, you might know that Tasmania is our favourite place here in Australia! It’s such a hidden gem, that so few people ever explore. But we think it’s home to the most incredible landscapes and wildlife in the entire country! So we had to share another truly unique and wild location within our favourite state.

Introducing, Southwest National Park, the most remote and rugged landscape located in the South of Tasmania. The rocky coastlines, incredible windswept beaches, and dramatic mountain ranges make up this impressive environment. Home to some of the many native animals, and most beautiful flora of Tasmania, you’ll be sure to be joined by some furry friends and beautiful wilderness on your elopement day! Including wombats, and wallaby’s!

With so many adventures to be had in the area, from the impressive 6-8 day overnight hike on the South Coast Track, to rafting and kayaking experiences. Or short easy rainforest walks, to slightly challenging day hikes for the ultimate mountain adventurer’s. Southwest is a nature loving, hiker’s paradise, and the perfect unique and rugged elopement spot the the true outdoorsy couple!

If Tasmania is also your favourite state here in Australia. Or just so happens to be the place you would love to explore for your elopement experience! Be sure to also check out our favourite Airbnb’s in Tasmania for your elopement day!

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Mount Kosciusko

Located in the Snowy Mountain region of New South Wales lies the tallest mountain in all of Australia, Mount Kosciusko. This magnificent mountainous region of Australia, offers the ultimate adventure elopement location. With snow sports in winter, to hiking and mountain biking tracks in summer. You can even go horseback riding, fishing or paddling!

Find yourselves wandering around the historical huts, fields of dazzling wildflowers, to the many stunning lookouts around. Mount Kosciusko National Park makes for a unique and memorable elopement location all year round! Perfect the the true mountain loving, adventurous couple!

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With a plentiful of unique and diverse landscapes, there are truly so many stunning elopement locations to choose from in Australia! So much so, that we hope this list helped spark some inspiration for your own elopement day!

Furthermore, if you are after more location ideas, be sure to check out our previous blog post filled with the best National Parks to elope at in Australia. And if you just aren’t too sure on how to narrow down your location ideas yet, be sure to check out our blog, how to choose your elopement location.

If we can be any assistance to you on this journey to eloping, be sure to reach out here! We are so incredibly passionate about showing couples all the possibilities to creating your dream elopement experience. Not only do we photograph this incredible time in your life, we guide you through the process to creating your DREAM elopement! We can’t wait to meet you!