What to pack for your adventure elopement

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Whilst every wedding has a simple and *hopefully* easy to remember packing list, that includes your vows, and rings. Adventure elopements require a little bit extra pre-planning when it comes to what you might need to bring along!

After all you are going on an adventure, and you want to ensure you don’t forget anything that may come in handy! You’ll also want to consider the unpredictable-ness that can come with eloping in nature, and be prepared for all weather conditions! After all, weather and light, is what makes the most beautiful images, so be prepared and be willing to embrace all that mother nature brings to your elopement day!

In saying that, we’ve put together an adventure elopement packing list for you! Including everything you need to ensure you have the most stress-free, well prepared, incredible adventure elopement day!


Possibly the most important item to add to your packing list is durable and comfortable footwear! Whether you are hiking in the mountains or exploring along the coast, you’ll want to make sure you are wearing footwear that will protect your feet, allow you to enjoy your adventure, and provide safety!

For hiking elopements, we suggest always wearing hiking boots. For coastal or bush walking adventures, consider closed toe comfortable shoes or strapped in sandals that allow support. Remember, you can always change your footwear once you reach your final spot! If you wish to do so, make sure to add to your packing check list your additional pair of shoes you’ll change into!

Extra socks

If you are anything like us, the feeling of having wet feet, just absolutely throws off your day! Honestly, we don’t know if anything is worse than having uncomfortable feet and soggy socks! So if you accidentally splash in a puddle, it ends up raining, or you are just human and you get sweaty feet after wearing shoes for a long time! While, it might just make your day all that much better, if you come prepared and bring along a change of socks! If you never end up wearing them, that’s alright. But at least, you’ll be so happy they are there when if you do end up needing them!


This one might be a give-in, as you’ll of course need something to pack all your items in! You may have been considering bringing along a tote bag, or packing everything in a handy duffle! But we suggest, if you are truly having an adventure on your elopement day, to consider investing in a good quality backpack! One that will support you and all your belongings you need to bring on the day.

Food & Water

You’ll want to make sure you are staying hydrated and well fed throughout this adventure. We don’t want you getting a headache due to lack of water, or getting a bit hangry because you forgot to eat! Be sure to pack a water bottle and some snacks into your backpack!

If you also wish to enjoy a scenic meal such as a picnic perhaps. You can bring along some champagne, beers, a grazing platter, cake or a basket full of treats! Just make sure it’s easy enough to carry with you to wherever you are going!


If you are hiking in the mountains, or you’re eloping on the coast at sundown, the weather and temperature can change drastically throughout the day! Packing extra layers, or wearing extra layers you can remove throughout the day, will ensure you are comfortable throughout the full experience. We also suggest packing a wind sheeter, or light rain shell, incase it sprinkles or becomes windy!

For more information on how to best prepare for rain on your elopement day, check out our blog post here.

Some other great layers to consider packing for your day, could be skin coloured thermal tights you wear under your gown, a nice shall or jacket, or even gloves/mittens. Preplanning and being prepared for anything mother nature could throw at you, will make all the difference on your day!

Touch Up Kit

Whether you choose to do your own hair and makeup, or you hire a professional. You will want to have a little touch up kit in your bag throughout the day. Incase your makeup smudges, the wind gets in your hair, or you want to reapply your lip stick! Most makeup artists will provide you with a little kit to match your professional makeup they applied. But if you are doing your own, considering throwing in the essentials incase things get a little messy along the way!

We also suggest bringing along a compact mirror in your touch up kit to make it easier to reapply! But don’t worry if you forget, we always bring along one for you as well! You could even throw in some deodorant or a sample size perfume to freshen up at any stage!

Headlamps or Torch

Depending on the time of day you intend to partake in your adventure, you may want to consider bringing along a headlamp, torch or flash light as some might call it! Most elopement ceremonies happen at either sunrise or sunset, for optimal lighting conditions for your photos. Which may result in hiking early in the morning in the dark, or heading back after the sun is down in the evening. To ensure you are safe and can find your way back, is so important and something you don’t want to leave out!

Sunscreen and bug spray

This will generally apply to elopements in the summer months. So if you are planning on eloping out in nature during the warmer seasons, you will want to pack some sunscreen and bug spray into your backpack to ensure you are comfortable and protected all day long! Bugs can be annoying, and you don’t want to end up looking like a tomato in your photos. So do yourselves a favour, and pack the goods so you don’t have to worry about any of this on your day!


Not quite an “adventure” item, per-say, but we promise, you won’t want to forget them! Not only will they come in handy for all the emotions that will be flowing throughout your day. They might even come in handy if you are out in the wilderness for hours and need to use the “restroom”, haha! TMI, but we promise, you won’t regret it.


Whilst you may be choosing an adventure elopement, because you don’t care so much about all the stuff and fluff that comes along with a wedding day. But that doesn’t mean, that you might not want to add a little *something special* for your ceremony space! While this is completely optional, and may not apply to you, it’s always a choice.

These items could be a small rug to stand on, your bouquet to add some florals to the scene, or even lanterns or candles for decor! Please always be aware and check fire bans in the area before lighting anything.

Little items like these are easy enough to pack along with you, and allow you create a little something extra special in your ceremony space, if you so desire to do so.

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Map or compass

Whilst we all use google maps for everything these days, if you are heading off the beaten path, you may want to consider going old school and bringing along a compass or map! We don’t want anyone getting lost on their elopement day!

Your ceremony essentials

These particular items pertain to every type of wedding, not just adventure elopements. But we wanted to add them to the list because you definitely do not want to forget them! Make sure you have your vows and your rings! Your celebrant will handle all the legal documents and paperwork, and they will bring along a pen, so you won’t have to worry about that side of things. But please, do not forget the vows and rings! Be sure to triple check!

Not all these items may 100% relate to your specific elopement packing list, but we hope this gave you an inside look into what you may need to bring along with you! It’s always better to be over-prepared, so you can ensure this experience is stress-free, and you can be completely present and in every moment!

Depending on the adventure you are after, we can help customize this list to be best suited for you and your day. If you are after an adventure of a lifetime, and want us to come along and photograph it for you, get in touch and we will show you the way to creating your dream day!