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Mornington Peninsula Engagement Photoshoot Location

Lindens lived on the Mornington Peninsula for his entire life, whilst Vanessa is going on 4 years. Which has given us lots of time to explore! We’ve been pretty spoiled to live somewhere with some of the most beautiful spots around. There is just so much nature to explore, and we still find ourselves stumbling upon new secret spots all the time. We always have clients asking us where they should get their photos done. So with that being said we’ve complied a small list of some of our favourite local locations for you!


There is so much to see and do in Flinders. From the best pier in all of the Peninsula (in our opinion), to the cliffs and rugged ocean beaches throughout. Flinders is probably our favourite spot, as its the most diverse. It almost feels as if you’ve traveled to the cliffs of Ireland, or the black sand beaches of Iceland. Flinders is always on the top of our list when people ask us for the best place to get photo’s done. It’s truly a photographers dream destination.

Have you dreamed of frolicking through grassy paddocks, over looking rugged cliffs with waves crashing below? or perhaps, a sunset stroll on the pier with the most gorgeous coastal views around? if so, then this might be the perfect location for you!

Flinders really has it is, we would highly recommend this location, if you want to explore a mix of different scenery in one area.

Flinders engagement session

the back beaches of Rye, Blairgowrie & Sorrento

This coastline presents endless photoshoot location opportunities, if your looking for the perfect coastal adventure, this is where you need to be!

Sand dunes, seagrass, cliffs, waves, rock formations, and not to mention the best sunsets! These are some of our favourite places to shoot, as its always the best adventure with the best views. There is so many hidden gems along these back beaches with amazing walks tracks, perfect for an adventurous engagement session!

Blairgowrie Couples Session

Cape Schanck

Cape Schanck has become quite the tourist destination, but thats for very good reason! There are lots of scenic walking tracks, along with the gorgeous lighthouse, and stunning ocean views all around. There is even some great forest picnic areas nearby, with a few lookouts too! There is really so much to explore, and lots of room to escape away from the crowds, which is a win win for engagement photos if you ask us!

the front beaches of Rye & Rosebud

If love long sea grass and sandy white beaches than this is the perfect location for you! A minimalistic background of the beach, ensures that you are the main subject of the scene! Tuck yourselves away in the sea grass, to create an intimate experience. Or frolic around on the beach and dip your toes in the sea!

Either way, this location makes for the very best engagement photos!

Plus so many more amazing locations to explore. The Mornington Peninsula, is the best spot near Melbourne to adventure down to for a laid back evening of adventures, to document the two of you! We help all our couples dive deep to find a location that is a true representation of who they are. And always provide an extensive lists of ideas, so you can discover new places you may have never knew existed! I hope this blog post, helped you find somewhere new to explore on your next adventure together on the Mornington Peninsula.