Why you should consider eloping on a weekday

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Why you should elope on a weekday

Traditionally getting married on a weekend is what is most common. Weekends are when the most people are available to attend your wedding. But when eloping, you don’t necessarily need to plan your wedding around other people. Simply because you’ve chosen to instead create a day centred around you. Which is why we highly recommend to all our couples to consider eloping on a weekday.

When we say weekday elopements, we mean eloping from Monday-Thursday. As Friday’s are very much considered a weekend in the wedding industry. While you might be wondering why we are so passionate about eloping on a weekday, and what the benefits would be for you! In this blog post we’re going to dive deep into the top 6 reasons why you should consider eloping on a weekday. And why it might just be one of the best decisions you make during this planning process! Keep reading to find out!

Elope on a weekday


Most couple who choose to elope, are often doing so, because they value intimacy and privacy within their relationship. Perhaps the thought of being affectionate in front of other makes you uncomfortable. Or maybe, you simply feel you can’t be your full authentic, emotional, and intimate selves with others watching you. These are all very valid feelings, ones we personally relate to wholly. And in comes the beauty of eloping. Eloping allows you to create a safe, private space, where the two of you can truly be yourselves.

In saying this, most couples who choose to elope, most often choose to elope out in nature on public land. Eloping in public on a weekend, often looks like crowds and families running around in the background. Which is where the idea of eloping on a weekday, comes back into play. If privacy is important to you, consider eloping on a weekday when most people are at work or in school. Making for the natural peaceful environment you so long to elope at, perfectly private and quiet for you.

Alternatively, some other ways you can increase privacy on your elopement day, would be to instead choose an off the beaten path outdoor spot which you can only access by hiking, helicopter, or boat. Or consider booking a private property, such as an airbnb or wedding venue that caters to elopements. In these cases, we would still recommend a weekday date, as bookings and adventure activities are still most busy on weekend dates.

After all, the reason most couples choose to elope in the first place, is because they might be uncomfortable sharing such a deep part of their love story in front of others. So why would you want to do it in front of strangers? Consider a weekday to ensure privacy is all yours.

Mornington Peninsula sunset elopement


Another thing to consider when choosing the day of the week you want to elope, is the location you wish to elope at. Location is one of the main deciding factors couple have to consider when they decide to elope. Most often they end up choosing somewhere that has a lot of meaning or significance to them. Or on the contrary, they decide to partake on an entirely new adventure and explore somewhere they have never been! Either choice is incredible, and personal to the couple. Which is why it is so important to be able to secure your desired location.

Eloping on a weekday will ensure you can indeed secure your dream destination. Not only in the time of year you wish to elope but also on the exact date you desire. Maybe you want to elope in a popular place in peak season. By choosing an “off” day, this will ensure less people will be eloping at the same place at the same time as you, ensuring you get it all to yourself!

For more information on how to choose your elopement location, check out our blog here!

Elopement location


When deciding which day of the week you will elope, it’s important to also consider your wedding vendors. If you have dream vendors in mind who are very sought after in the industry. It might be hard to fit an elopement into their weekend wedding schedule. The best vendors in the industry often book out weekend weddings at least 12 months in advance, making it very hard to secure their services for your day. By choosing a weekday, you will ensure you fit into their schedule and they will be happy to accommodate!

Weekday elopements

Guest Size

Whether you are eloping just the two of you, or if you wish to have a few close loved ones join you in celebration, you’ll want to consider your guest list when choosing your date. If having a small guest list is important to you, making your date a weekday will ensure that more people aren’t even available to join you – you might even call this a *win-win*!

If only having those closest to you present is what’s most important to you, they will happily get the time off work to make it to your weekday wedding. But for those you might not be that close too, they probably won’t be running out to rearrange their schedule. Which makes the decision to elope all that much easier! And also takes the pressure off of you, if they wouldn’t even be able to make it anyway!

At the end of the day, your elopement experience is about you. It’s entirely your choice who you do and don’t invite, or if you invite anyone at all. Eloping on a weekday will make it easier for you to downsize your guest list, and do your wedding your way!

Elopement Packages


When choosing which day of the week to elope, it’s also important to consider your accommodations availability. Whether your elopement accommodation is a sweet and stylish airbnb, or a luxury resort accommodation, by choosing a weekday elopement you will actually be able to book your DREAM accommodation!

Most popular stays book up every weekend for months in advance. So unless you started planning your elopement more than a year out from your date – chances are that dream getting ready spot and the place you will stay your wedding night, might already be booked out. Eloping on a weekday will make your chances of snagging that dream accommodation much more possible!

Airbnb elopement dinner


You might even save some money by choosing your weekday date! Some vendors, accommodations, venues, and permitted locations might offer “off day” deals for weekday bookings! This means by eloping on a popular date such as a weekend, you are paying an extra premium. But by eloping on a not so popular day such as a weekday, you might even be welcomed with a discount!

We don’t recommend choosing your vendors based on “weekday discounts”, yet rather your actual connection to the person, their work, and the service they can provide for you. But if it turns out permits are cheaper, or your accommodation has a special price on, we say take the deal, as it all adds up! 

Sunset elopement photos


If at the end of reading this blog post, you’re still 100% sold on eloping on a weekend, heres a few things to consider! You may want to look into having your ceremony at an off-time of the day. By eloping at sunrise or sunset, you’ll not only have the absolute best light for your photos, but you’ll also allow for more privacy and quiet time, on an otherwise busy day.

You could also consider hiring a private property instead of public land. As this space will offer your own little oasis to plan a day of your favourite activities together, and host little celebration, even if it’s just for the two of you!

And last but not least, we recommend scouting your location on a weekend around the same time of year, to see what it will actually be like. By doing this you will be well prepared for when your day comes around, and what the atmosphere will actually be like. Who knows, you might even luck out!

Elopement Picnic

Well there you have it, we truly do love a weekday elopement! The intimacy, privacy and the abundance of options, you really can’t go wrong when choosing to elope on a weekday!

With some careful planning, and coordination, you’ll be able to craft up your absolute dream celebration! And if you need any guidance throughout this journey, we not only bring your memories to life, we are here to guide you every step of the way!

We can’t wait to hear about your plans and help you on this journey to eloping! Reach out here!