Why you should elope in Winter in Australia

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Winter Elopement in Australia

As you may have already guessed, we LOVE a winter elopement.

Well, we love elopements in general. BUT winter ones are always just SO amazing. The chilly, cooler weather makes for some really moody, fun and romantic ways to celebrate your special day.

On top of that, here in Australia, we are SO lucky to have some insanely beautiful places to enjoy. The diversity of environments, activities and accommodation is so incredible – we are truly lucky. The possibilities are endless – from a hike through the snow in Victoria’s High Country, and a stay at a beautiful log cabin, to a ceremony on one of the Mornington Peninsula’s countless tranquil beaches, followed by a luxurious private dining experience at a hidden winery.

Don’t options like that just scream out perfection?!

That’s a big yes from us. But, if that’s not enough to convince you, keep reading to find out our top 5 reasons why YOU should have your Australian elopement in winter.

Private and Secluded. 

This is definitely one of the most amazing things about having your elopement in winter!

Having your elopement in the winter months is a perfect way to ensure that your dream day will be private, secluded, and all the more romantic.


Because winter means fewer people, and more options to enjoy your favourite places. Think of your favourite beaches, wineries or National Parks – throughout the year, they can be packed with tourists and locals out and about, meaning that you could never enjoy the privacy of a secluded elopement. 

In winter, however, these places become quiet, and FAR less busy. Some of our favourite beaches might have 200 people on a busy summer day. But in winter, there’s no one to be seen, providing this truly magical, tranquil experience.

Comfortable Temperature

You might be thinking, why the heck would I get married in winter?! It’s gonna be SO cold.

And you might be right, it could definitely be chilly. BUT, let’s make this a glass half full moment – the cool weather can mean you can rug up and enjoy a super romantic, cosy vibe.

You know something else that happens when it’s cold? This is one straight to you from Captain Obvious – it’s not HOT.

Chances are, you might have been to a wedding in the middle of summer, where every woman, man and dog is sweating through their suit, dress or collar. In winter, we definitely don’t have this problem, no sweating off makeup, or passing out from heatstroke.

So, if you’re more inclined to love a cosy jacket on a cold day, why not enjoy this on your wedding day? Make the most of the environment, whatever the conditions are, and celebrate your love however makes you happiest!

Lush Greenery

The heat of summer, as lovely as it is, can be a killer for a lush, green environment. We can even hear the crunching of brown grass as we write this.

We LOVE that winter means that the environment is at its beautiful, vibrant best. Even if we’re missing some leaves here and there, a bit of extra rain means the grass is luscious, and those evergreens are as green as ever!

Picture yourself walking through a beautiful, classy garden, lined with cypress trees and pines, alongside your fave people. We’ve been so lucky to capture some gorgeous moments like this, it really creates some stunning shots, not to mention amazing memories.

No matter where you end up for your winter elopement, there are so many possibilities to enjoy a landscape that is flourishing, full of winter beauty!

Cosy, Moody Vibes.

If there’s one thing that we can say about a winter elopement, it’s that they’re SO cosy, fun and romantic!

Ok, that was three things, but who’s counting?!

A winter elopement doesn’t have to be all about being outside, in the snow, or walking through misty forests, you can definitely enjoy those cosy indoor vibes too. Find yourself a cabin in the forest, or maybe a tiny house overlooking sweeping hills to enjoy the serenity, and comfort of a winter’s night. 

Or, maybe you’re a huge fan of a hot chocolate – we certainly are. If it’s looking like a chilly ceremony, rug up and take a thermos full of liquid goodness. Enjoy the tranquil, lush surroundings, then go back to and enjoy the fireplace in your quaint, romantic accommodation.

How good does this sound? Maybe you’ve always thought of yourself as a summer person, and maybe you’re not a fan of sitting in the cold winter rain. That’s A-Ok, because there are so many ways to enjoy your winter elopement and make the most of your special day!

Early Sunsets

Last but not least, this is one that the photographer in us has noticed!

Winter in general means shorter days, which can be a killer if you have to get up early for work. But for weddings, on the other hand, it’s GREAT!

If you have your elopement on a winter afternoon, you don’t have to wait until 9 pm to get your dreamy sunset snaps. Sneak them in early, before dinner even! It works a treat and means you can enjoy your night.

Another stunning option is to enjoy your ceremony with the best light of the day – golden hour! It works out perfectly timing-wise too. If you want to spend the morning doing something fun, or just hanging out, you can get ready and have your ceremony in the late afternoon and go straight into sunset portraits. How perfect is that? From there, you can go and celebrate the night away!

As you can probably tell by now, we LOVE winter elopements, they’re just so romantic and fun. Cool days, with gloomy weather, are so moody, and they provide the most incredible photo opportunities!

An elopement is all about you and your dream day together. We love hearing the unique and memorable ways you plan to enjoy your day!

And what’s more? We love helping you to plan the details of your elopement. With a heap of experience in the industry, we’ve got all of the handy tips to ensure your special day is PERFECT.

Have a question? Want to chat more? We’d love to hear from you, enquire here and we can get the party started!