Your Guide to Eloping in Australia’s National Parks

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Guide To Eloping in Australia's National Parks

We are SO lucky here in Australia to have some of the most incredible landscapes and environments in the whole world.

Our National Parks are nothing short of spectacular – from the wild coastal seascapes of Mornington Peninsula NP to the expansive jaw-dropping views of the Blue Mountains – we are truly so spoiled for choice!

National Parks are such beautiful, pristine natural wonders, which makes for a great location for your adventurous, romantic elopement. Stunning backdrops, fun activities and tranquil surroundings combine to create some really amazing, intimate experiences!

Stick around for our all-encompassing guide to eloping in Australia’s National Parks – here are our 7 biggest tips!

Blue Mountains Elopement - A guide to eloping in Australia's National Parks

Permits and Parks Passes

As National Parks rely upon fees and taxes to ensure that they are looked after and cared for adequately, many require passes or permits to enter or undertake ceremonies.

We always recommend touching base with the National Park at least 4 weeks in advance to confirm whether any passes are required, or any arrangements need to be made to ensure your hitching goes without a hitch!

At the end of the day, planning is key, and 10 minutes spent to ensure everything is organised and allowed to happen, can save you problems and heartache come your elopement day. We always say, the sooner, the better!


National Parks tend to be very picky with what you can and can’t bring into the park’s boundaries. This is almost always to ensure that flora and fauna are kept as safe and undisturbed as possible.

Some parks don’t allow people to bring in any foreign plant matter, including flowers. s the possibility of bringing in a destructive species or parasites, no matter how unlikely, is always avoided.

So, be sure to double check before you go ahead and spend money on flowers for your National Park elopement!

How to plan your Australian National Park Elopement

When’s the best time?

Because National Parks are some of the most amazing tourist locations, they can naturally be quite busy.  

And we’re guessing that you’d rather have a more secluded private elopement ceremony! So, try your best to arrange a date and time that minimises the likelihood of having crowds of people nearby.

The general rule is to choose days that are during the off-season, and on weekdays, as that will help you avoid the likelihood of having unwanted extra guests!

If the weather is important to you, it’s also handy to consider the time of day that you want to elope. For example, if you want to elope in the warmer months, at a popular park, your best option may be to conduct the ceremony at dawn or sunrise.

Locations and Accessibility

At the end of the day, choosing where to elope will come down to the accessibility of the location and what works best for you! Depending on whether it’s just the two of you, your celebrant and witnesses, or if you have more loved ones attending will also impact the options you have!

If it’s just you, then a more advanced walk to a super secluded, hidden location might be the best choice. However, if you have guests, a short walk along an accessible track to a lookout could work better for everyone.

Also, be sure to check that your desired location is within the limits of the park’s wedding ceremony permits, as well as things like potential park closures, construction works, floods and snow. Ultimately your best bet is to keep an eye on the park’s website or give them a call if you have any queries

Where should we stay?

Another great thing about a National Park elopement is that there are always plenty of great options.

From picturesque budget campsites, to luxury Airbnb listings in nearby towns (check out our top Victorian Airbnb elopement locations HERE), there are options for everyone!

Many parks also have their own lodging or accommodation options, such as cabins, glamping experiences, or even hotels. A great example of this is the Cradle Mountain Lodge, nestled in one of Tasmania’s must-see destinations

Guide to eloping in Australia's National Parks

What should we bring?

This of course depends heavily upon what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be for your elopement. BUT, there are always plenty of common things that are must-haves!

– Adventure gear, such as hiking boots, head torches, backpacks, sunscreen, bug spray and water bottles.

– Snacks and PLENTY of water. 

– A change of outfit and a towel (often it’s a great idea to have a special outfit ready to go when you arrive at the location).

– Warmer layers.  

Makeup or touch up kit for when you arrive at your elopement location!

– First Aid Kit.

– Lastly and probably most importantly, make sure you have the things that are necessary to be married, like your rings, legal documents, vows and a pen!

Choosing a park

Ultimately, choosing a park to elope is arguably the biggest decision – which is why we’ve left it til last!

Consider the type of scenery that you feel most embodies you as a couple. Maybe it’s horseback riding in Victoria’s high country, hiking through the ancient geological masterpieces in the NT, or even a hidden coastal sanctuary like Noosa National Park. The options are aplenty.

Not quite sure what you want, or where exactly to go? Don’t worry, because we’ve got the perfect blog coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled for our comprehensive guide of Australia’s National Parks.

National Park Elopement Australia

We feel so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to help you to capture your dream day. Nothing excites us more than helping you to create lifelong memories – the stunning locations and amazing adventures are just the icing on the cake (or whatever topping and dessert you prefer!!).

If you want to learn more about how we can help you on your elopement or intimate wedding journey, reach out here, we’d love to chat!