The Best Elopement Locations In New South Wales, Australia

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New South Wales Elopement Locations

New South Wales in the heart of Australia, with the most popular city in Australia, being Sydney. It’s also home to the most incredible National Parks and every type of scenery! From the beautiful pristine coastlines, to tropical islands, to rugged mountain peeks, waterfalls in the rainforest, and even the most picturesque desert scenes.

New South Wales has some of the absolute best elopement locations in all of Australia. In this blog post we are going to cover the top regions in New South Wales and explore the best places to elope. So let’s dive right in and help you plan your New South Wales Elopement!

New South Wales Elopement


Known for the famous harbour bridge and the iconic opera house, Sydney is the most reputable city in the entire country. Whilst you could very much plan a stylish and chic city elopement. There are also some amazing outdoor locations not too far from the city that make for the perfect adventure!

Check out our favourite National Parks surrounding Sydney, that make for the perfect elopement location in New South Wales.

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South Coast

Located south of Sydney, leading down to the border of Victoria, lays the incredible coastline of New South Wales South Coast. This is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in all of Australia, with an array of amazing places to explore on your elopement day! From white sand beaches, to green rolling hills in the valley, to mountain peeks, and rugged ocean beaches. The South Coast of New South Wales is the perfect location to plan an adventure elopement.

Check out some incredible options for your South Coast elopement below.

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The Blue Mountains

Located only 1 hour from Sydney, is the most scenic mountainous area of the Blue Mountains. This area has a wealth of incredible locations that are perfect for eloping. From waterfalls, to scenic walking tracks that lead to the most spectacular views, breathtaking lookouts, and even valley views. The Blue Mountains is a perfect escape from the city, where you can embrace adventure on your elopement day!

Here are a few of our favourite locations in the Blue Mountains for elopements.

Central Coast

The Central Coast of NSW is located just North of Sydney. This area offers a variety of different experiences for your New South Wales elopement. You could embark on a horse back riding, glamping adventure elopement in the Glenworth valley. Or visit one of the two incredible coastal National Parks in the region. And create a coastal bush walking adventure by the sea!

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Northern Coast

Located in Northern New South Wales, is the Northern coastline that leads up from Newcastle to the Queensland border. This area is most famous for the tranquil town of Byron Bay, bringing tourists to this coastal area all year round. But if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of this busy little town (for good reason), there are some incredible location on the Northern Coast for your elopement experience! From waterfalls, rainforests, seaside lookouts and the most stunning beaches, you’ll be sure to find a perfect spot to say “I do” on the North Coast.

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Hunter Valley

Most famous for it’s winery region and many stunning wedding venues. This region is also perfect for an adventure elopement too! The Hunter Valley is home to three incredible mountainous National Parks that would make the most beautiful backdrop to any elopement story! Whether you are after forest scenery, a mountain top view, by a river or waterfall, or overlooking the rolling hills of the valley. The Hunter Valley truly has it all, and these are the best locations in the region for your elopement story!

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The Snowy Mountains

The most stunning alpine region of New South Wales, offers an array of scenic views perfect for an adventure elopement experience. The Snowy Mountain region is home to the tallest mountain in all of Australia, Mount Kosciuszko. With spectacular views of this mountain, and the surrounding mountains from anywhere in the area, you’ll be sure to find the most scenic backdrop for your elopement adventure. From the valley’s below the mountains, the stunning alpine blue lake, to the mountain summits and even the skii resorts for an ultimate snow adventure! The Snowy Mountains are the most incredible region in New South Wales for a Mountain Elopement experience.

If you are planning an elopement in the mountains in Australia, check out our Australian Mountain Elopement Guide here.

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Outback NSW

If you dream of eloping in the desert in Australia, New South Wales in the place to be! Picture yourselves standing in the red dirt, emu’s casually passing by, with the most beautiful red rock formations or clifftops surrounding you. If this sounds like your cup of tea, Outback New South Wales is the place to be!

Who knew New South Wales was home to the most incredible desert National Parks in all of Australia? Now you do! You don’t have to travel to Uluru or Broome for epic desert scenery, check out these incredible parks in New South Wales for an outback elopement experience!

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Lord Howe Island

Last but certainly not least, we have the region of Lord Howe Island. Tucked away off the coast of New South Wales, lays a tropic paradise which makes the perfect backdrop for a luxurious yet outdoorsy elopement experience. Less than a 2 hour flight from Sydney, you can elope in paradise! The best way to discribe this island is if Hawaii existed within Australia, you have found it! From the tropical white sand beaches, to the lush mountaintop views over the ocean, giant cliffs in every direction, and palm trees as far as your eyes can see.

If you love the tropics and adventure, you’ll want to check out these incredible locations on Lord Howe Island for your elopement!

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With a plentiful of unique elopement destinations perfect for any couple, there are truly so many stunning locations to choose from in New South Wales! So much so, that we hope this list helped spark some inspiration for your own elopement day!

If you are currently exploring the idea of planning an elopement in any of these wonderful locations, be sure to reach out here! We are so incredibly passionate about showing couples all the possibilities to creating your dream elopement experience. Not only do we photograph this incredible time in your life, we guide you through the process to creating your DREAM elopement! We can’t wait to meet you and show you the way to your dream day!