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Mountain Elopement Locations In Australia

While Australia is known for its beautiful beaches and scenic coastlines, it is also home to some incredible mountainous backdrops. When envisioning a mountain elopement, your mind might immediately think that you have to travel to Patagonia, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, or the Pacific North West. But that’s not true!

Australia is home to some incredible mountain elopement locations. In this blog post we are going to dive into the most amazing mountain backdrops for your elopement. And provide you with a guide on how to plan a mountain elopement in Australia.

Why a mountain elopement location might be right for you

First, let’s determine if the mountains are in fact the perfect elopement location for you. If you can relate to any of the following statements, then you should definitely consider a mountain elopement!

  • You want an epic backdrop
  • The mountains feel like home to you
  • You want to explore a new place
  • You’re both avid hikers
  • You want to make your wedding an adventure
  • You love spending time in nature together

Choose your views

Firstly, let’s begin planning your mountain elopement by determining your vision for the backdrop of your day! Are you on a mountain top overlooking the layers of mountains surrounding you. While it may also be that you are deep in the valley amongst the wildflowers with the mountains in the backdrop around you. Or perhaps at a lookout balcony with the most incredible scenery all around you.

Eloping in the mountains doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hike 10km to the summit. I mean, you definitely can do that, but it’s not the only way to elope in the mountains! Mountainous regions offer an array of views that make the most beautiful backdrop for any type of elopement experience and accessibility levels.

Let’s discover the different types of backdrops below, so you can choose your perfect mountain elopement location:

  • In a meadow with the mountains in the backdrop
  • Amongst wildflowers
  • On a mountain top
  • At a scenic lookout
  • Next to an alpine lake
  • By a waterfall

Or any other special scenery your dream mountain region provides! Keep reading to discover the best places in Australia for a Mountain Elopement!

Mountain Elopement Locations In Australia

Activities to include

Including activities on your elopement day is the perfect way to personalise this experience and make it an adventure! Perhaps the reason you are eloping is because you want to create a day that actually feels true to the two of you. So we encourage you to include any activities that will add to this experience and make it your own!

  • Hiking
  • Swimming in an alpine lake
  • Sharing in a picnic
  • Skiing or Snowboarding
  • Having a catered celebratory dinner at your accommodation
  • Kayaking/Canoeing in a lake
  • 4×4 driving / off roading
  • Star gazing
  • Camping / Having a camp fire
  • Enjoying the jacuzzi at your accommodation

Or any other activities you love to do together.

Mountain Hiking Elopement

Best times of year to elope in the Mountains in Australia

Australia is home to a variety of different mountain regions. There are green rolling mountains in Far North Queensland in lush tropical rainforests. There are red desert like mountains in Northern Western Australia and the Northern Territory. While there are rugged, jagged mountain peeks in the South in Tasmania’s National Parks or Victoria’s Alpine region. Every region in Australia offers a different type of Mountain experience and weather conditions. Which makes Australia the perfect place to elope all year round!

Let’s dive into the different seasons and which area’s are best for those seasons.

Summer (December – February)

Summer across all of Australia is dry and hot. Your best bet to beat the heat this time of year, could be to elope in the Mountains of Tasmania! The beautiful rugged Mountain regions of Tasmania will provide to more mild and comfortable temperatures during the summer months. This is because the state of Tasmania is located in the most Southern region of the country. There are also many amazing lakes in the state that you could add to your adventure by taking a dip at the end of the day. Which offer the perfect way to cool down on a summers day and add to your elopement experience.

While the Alpine regions of Victoria and the Snowy Mountain regions of New South Whales also offer beautiful weather conditions in the summer months. They are at a higher altitude than the rest of the state, allowing for cooler temperatures. Secondly, these regions are blooming with wildflowers, open meadows, and sunny clear days this time of year.

As for the Northern regions, it is wet season and very hot this time of year. Not offering the best weather for a Mountain elopement experience.

Autumn (March – May)

If you love the cool autumn temperatures and the leaves changing colours, the Mountainous regions of Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales will be the best locations for an Autumn mountain elopement in Australia. In particular, Victoria’s High Country or Grampians area is amazing for autumn colours and cooler comfortable temperature this time of year.

Mount Field National Park in Tasmania, or the Blue Mountains, or Snowy Mountain regions of New South Wales are also top contenders for the best mountain locations to elope in autumn in Australia.

Winter (June – August)

If you are after a white winter experience, Victoria’s Alpine region or New South Wales Snowy Mountain region is the perfect place for a snowy elopement experience in the mountains. Whilst hiking this time of year, isn’t as practical in these regions. They do offer other outdoorsy activities such as including snowboarding, skiing, or snowshoeing in your Mountain elopement experience!

Whilst in the North, winter looks quite different in Australia. It’s actually known as being the dry season in these tropical regions. Meaning the temperatures are mild sitting between 20 – 25 degrees (opposed to the high 30’s in summer), and rain is less likely to occur this time of year. If an adventure elopement in the Mountainous regions of Far North Queensland, or the red rock Mountains of Northern Territory or Northern Western Australia is your vibe, winter is the perfect time of year to elope here.

Spring (September – November)

Spring is a great time to be in the mountains throughout all of the country. In the Northern regions, it will still dry season until the end of October, providing comfortable temperatures and beautiful weather in the mountains. While in the South, we are coming out of the cooler winter months. Which in turn welcomes lush environments and cool comfortable temperatures.

More over, time of year is less busy in the mountain regions opposed to the snow season in the south, and the dry season in the North. Resulting in Spring being a perfect time of year to escape to the mountains and elope anywhere in Australia.

Mountain Elopement Location

Best mountainous locations in Australia

New South Wales



South Australia


Western Australia

Northern Territory

Determine your hiking level

In order to choose the perfect spot for your elopement, you will also need to determine your hiking level. Do you prefer an accessible path, with short walking distance to an incredible lookout? Or would you prefer to hike in to the secluded wilderness for a few kilometres for the perfect view?

Every hike and mountain region has different levels of difficulty, whether you want a real challenging adventure to stand on top of a summit. Or you would love to opt for an easy walk with great views. There is no right or wrong way of eloping.

Mountain Elopement Locations In Australia

Create your guest list

Eloping in the mountains isn’t always the most accessible for guests. Especially if you are hiking to a beautiful secluded spot. In saying that, there are also many accessible mountainous locations where you can also include guests.

If you are hiking for your elopement and you desire to have guests on your elopement day, it’s important to ensure your guests are physically fit and can make the trek alongside you. This option is probably better suited to a smaller group under 6 guests.

If your guests require a more accessible location, we suggest choosing somewhere with easy access to great views. There are many amazing lookouts in Australia’s array of National Parks that make the perfect accessible backdrop for an elopement. Otherwise, you can always hire a private property with a mountain backdrop and host a micro wedding there too. For an accessible mountain elopement with guests, we suggest keeping your guest list under 20 guests.

Finding the perfect base for your Mountain Elopement

Hiring a nearby accommodation will set the tone for your Mountain Elopement experience. Australia is home to the most incredible array of stylish accommodations that create the perfect backdrop for getting ready. Or perhaps even a place to host a celebratory meal after your adventure. Furthermore, hiring a private accommodation also provides a cosy place to stay for a few days surrounding your elopement, to truly bask in the experience.

Our favourite resources to find the best accommodations for elopements are Riparide, Airbnb and Stayz.

You can also check out our blog posts “Best Airnbnb’s to Elope at In Victoria“, or “Best Airbnb’s To Elope at in Tasmania“.

Vendors to hire for a mountain elopement

Choosing the right team for your special day will make all the difference in bringing your vision to life! Here is a list of the most common vendors couples hire for a Mountain Elopement:

  • Celebrant
  • Hair and Makeup Artist
  • Florist
  • Private Chef
  • Elopement Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Desert/Cake

While these are the main vendors who will make up your elopement experience. You can also do things yourself if you are on a budget. Such as DIY your own flowers or do your own hair and makeup. You could cook your own dinner, grab takeaway, pack a picnic or ask loved ones to cook for you.

Furthermore, you can expand your team if you have some wiggle room in your budget. You could create beautiful stationary such an invites or a fun “we just eloped” sign! You could have a styled table setting arranged for you back at your accommodation. Or you could have a florist style a beautiful ceremony setting for you to get married in.

There is no limit to the vendors you can include in your day, or which areas of your day you can do yourself. So take this list and make it your own!

Mountain Elopement Ceremony Australia

Things to keep in mind when planning a mountain elopement in Australia

Whilst getting married in the mountains in an incredible experience, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind during the planning process, and on the day!

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West

If you are eloping in an Eastern facing mountain, we would recommend having your elopement ceremony at sunrise. This way you get the absolute best light on your elopement day, and get to start your celebrations in the morning! If your location of choose is West facing, we would recommend having your ceremony closer to sunset. And ending your day in the mountains.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the sun will rise and set earlier when you are in the mountains. The mountains themselves create a sheild for the sun, making it darker sooner than if you were at sea level. You will want to keep this in mind when creating your timeline and planning your events for the day. But if you have hired vendors, such as ourselves, who specialise in Elopements, you don’t have to worry as we will make your timeline for you!

Weather in the Mountainous regions can be unpredictable and change quickly

You will want to keep in mind that you could encounter many different types of weather on your mountain adventure. Places like Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, have been known to snow in the middle of summer. You never truly know what the weather will be like on your day, but we strongly believe this is the fun in the adventure! You can always adapt on the day to go with the weather, and the weather usually changes quiet frequently. So if you desire to elope in the mountains, we say embrace the unknown and be up for any kind of adventure! It will only add to your story and experience.

Choose alternative backup options

We recommend having a list of other location options in the area already organised before the day. We help all our eloping couples find their perfect locations for every part of their day, along with a list of potential back up locations. Going off the point above, this is because if the weather changes or unknowns occur, you can quickly pivot to an already planned ahead decision! No one wants to be feeling stressed and making quick decision in the moment. We, as your elopement photographers, will help you plan ahead and make this a breeze with a pre-planned locations ready if we need to quickly pivot on the day.

Prepare for not having service

The last thing to keep in mind is that service is not always available in these regions. If you have songs you wish to play from a blue tooth speaker, we suggest making sure they are downloaded before the day. Or if you need to contact people to meet you in certain locations, make sure this is organised well before the day. Consider hand writing your vows onto paper or into vow books, rather than reading off a mobile device.). You may also want to print out any trail maps, or download maps offline before you embark on your adventure. Planning ahead for not having service, will allow you to feel stress-free and go with the flow of your adventure!

Best Airbnbs To Elope At In Tasmania

How to pack for your mountain elopement

Once you venture into the mountains for your elopement experience, things aren’t as accessible as they would be if you were marrying at a venue. When you elope in the mountains you will need to have a packing list and make sure you are prepared for the adventures ahead.

Here’s a list of the top recommended things you should pack for your Mountain elopement experience:

  • Bring layers
  • Pack food/drinks
  • Wear proper footware
  • Pack spare shoes or extra socks
  • Download offline maps / print out trail maps
  • Touch up kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Bugspray
  • Your ceremony essentials – rings, vow books, bouquet, veil, etc.

You can also check out our blog post what to pack for your adventure elopement for an in depth list and more ideas!

In conclusion, eloping in the mountains in Australia opens up a world of opportunities of what your adventure elopement day could look like. We hope this blog post was insightful and left you feeling prepared to start planning your greatest adventure yet!

If you are just getting started on planning your Mountain elopement experience in Australia, we would be honoured to document this special occasion for you and guide you through the planning journey.

We love working with couples to create and capture their dream elopement. Want to chat more about how we can make your mountain elopement dreams come true? Reach out, we’d love to chat!