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Melbourne Winter Elopement

As you may have learned by now, we absolutely love a winter elopement! And we truly believe Victoria is the perfect state for the ultimate winter elopement experience here in Australia. From wintery snow activities, to cosy seaside towns to be explored, there is truly a winter destination for every lover!

In this blog post, we are going to share some past winter elopement experiences around Melbourne, including our best tips for a winter elopement and favourite reasons why eloping in winter in Victoria is so fabulous. Buckle up and get ready for some Melbourne winter elopement inspiration incoming!

Winter Elopement in Victoria, Australia

The Inspiration

We’ve had the privilege of being apart of quite a few winter elopements in Victoria now. So it’s safe to say, we absolutely wholeheartedly believe winter is the best time to elope in our state! But don’t just take it from us, take inspiration from two of our couples who thought eloping in the Victorian winter was great too.

Danielle & Alex

Danielle & Alex got married on a quiet Thursday on the Mornington Peninsula. Staying the week at a lovely airbnb in Rye, their elopement day began with a walk at the local back beach and breakfast at a nearby cafe. Then they headed back to their AirBnb to get ready.

They had their intimate ceremony at Shoreham Pines on the Mornington Peninsula, on a weekday afternoon, where they had the whole place to themselves. Then shared in heartfelt vows, during their personalised ceremony led by Ceremonies with Haylie. They then signed on the dotted line and officially became husband and wife!

After their very personal and authentic ceremony, they had a quick outfit change and headed to a favourite beach of theirs, Gunnamatta Ocean Beach to share a picnic on the beach, play card games, drink champagnes and, of course, eat cake! They ran wild on the beach at sunset, taking it all in and just enjoying this quiet and sentimental moment for the two of them. Whilst it was early August here in Victoria, these two were completely comfortable the whole day. They had the best weather imaginable, and got to enjoy the absolute serenity this time of year has to offer! To read more about their winter elopement day, check out their full gallery here.

Chrissy & Pat

Chrissy & Pat also got married at Shoreham Pines on the last weekend of July, just the two of them and their gorgeous baby daughter. They stayed at a gorgeous airbnb in Red Hill and got ready separately for their own intimate first look together. Chrissy walked down the stairs of their accommodation towards Pat to surprise him in her dress and they made it their own beautiful moment.

They decided to share their vows in private under the stunning canopies of the trees in their airbnb’s backyard. Not dictated by time, they spent a few quiet moments sharing the words they had crafted together and soaking up the beautiful moment, reflecting on their relationship up until this point.

They then head to the ceremony location with their little one where a gorgeous arbour was set up and decorated with florals by Flower Muse Styling Co, and then they were officially wed with a personalised ceremony led by Ceremonies with Haylie. After the official documents were signed, the newlyweds shared in a gorgeous picnic together with the Mornington Peninsula coastline as their gorgeous backdrop.

The Benefits of Eloping in Winter

If Dani & Alex and Chrissy & Pat’s love story wasn’t reason enough to embrace all that winter has to offer for your elopement experience, here are some of the added benefits of eloping in winter in Melbourne.

Early sunsets

Not only does winter have the most beautiful pastel sunsets and soft light for the most incredible elopement photos, the sun also sets relatively early, around 5pm. This means you don’t have to stay out late to get those incredible sunset elopement photos, unlike in the summer months when the sun sets around 9pm. In winter, you can go for your sunset adventure around 4pm, then wrap up and head to dinner for 6pm!

Melbourne Winter Elopement Package

Privacy & seclusion

Victoria is definitely known for being one of the colder parts of the country. With that being said, in winter all the tourists tend to flock to other states or overseas leaving our pristine National Parks and beaches peacefully serene. Choosing a weekday date in winter will also almost guarantee you to have the whole place to yourself!

Comfortable temperatures

Have you ever been to a summer wedding, with the sun beating down on you, even in a suit perhaps? Chances are you were sweating right through your clothes. Getting married in winter is possibly the most comfortable time to wear a suit jacket! You won’t have to worry about a droplet of sweat, and in fact you’ll most likely feel very comfortable. And for the ladies in a dress, there are so many beautiful bridal layers that can elevate your look. Meaning you’ll look amazing but also be cosy and warm!

Melbourne Winter Elopement Package

Cosy, moody vibes

Winter can totally be a vibe! Cosy up next to a fire, or cuddle up at your picnic with blankets and thermos of hot tea. Or even book an accommodation with a spa! The moodiness of the weather also makes for some incredible light in your photos too. The cosy moody winter vibes are an absolute treat, so why not embrace the season and lean into all the vibes.

Lush green landscapes

Last but not least, one of our favourite reasons to elope in winter – the grass is actually green! The plants are in full bloom, and the rain makes for the lushest of landscapes. You won’t have to worry about dead brown grass this time of year, and you can guarantee the backdrop of your photos will be STUNNING.

Melbourne Winter Elopement Package

Our favourite locations around Melbourne for elopements

Chances are by now we’ve totally convinced you how awesome a Melbourne winter elopement really is. So let’s dive right in and explore the incredible locations within a few hours’ drive from our beautiful city. 

In winter, these locations create the most intimate, secluded and pristine backdrop for your elopement. With many hidden gems throughout these areas, you’re bound to find your perfect private escape.

Phillip Island

Just under 2 hours’ drive from Melbourne city is Phillip Island. A place with so much wilderness, wildlife and untouched landscapes. A majority of the island is a Nature park or parks land, ensuring the environment is protected and sustained. It’s also home to the biggest “little penguins” colony in Australia, as if that’s not reason enough to make it your elopement destination!

Some of our favourite spots on the Island are:

Wilsons Promontory National Park

Located just over 3 hours’ drive from Melbourne lies a secluded tropic paradise. From spotting incredible Australian wildlife – emus, wombats, wallabies, to name a few. To the most pristine bay beaches you’ll find in the state. With mountain top lookouts over the sea, Wilson’s Promontory is the perfect adventure elopement location. If you love hiking, sightseeing, snorkelling, paddle boarding, and exploring beaches and sand dunes, you should definitely consider this location for your elopement!

Some of our favourite spots in the park for elopements are

Melbourne Winter Elopement Package

Mornington Peninsula

From scenic cliff tops in Flinders, that look like somewhere in Ireland, to rocky back beaches of Sorrento, and even the Pine tree forest of Shoreham, there is somewhere on the Peninsula for everyone. With moderately mild temperatures on a winter’s day, this coastal paradise is the perfect escape for an intimate elopement experience only 1 hours’ drive from the city.

Some of our favourite hidden gems on the Peninsula for elopements are:

Dandenong Ranges

Located within 30 minutes of Melbourne city, you’re transported straight into a rainforest mountainous landscape. The Dandenong Ranges offer the most incredible rolling hills, scenic lookouts, fairytale gardens and wild rainforests.

Some of our favourite elopement locations within the area are:

Melbourne Winter Elopement Package

Top Tips For Eloping In Winter

Whilst we have touched on all the wonderful wilderness adventures to be had on for your Melbourne winter elopement, we also have some tips to set you up for success and ensure it’s the best experience possible!

Be flexible with your plans

Although there are many beautiful sunny days in Melbourne’s winter, it also rains more than any other season. So, you will want to take into account a change in weather. Be sure to make a backup weather plan, or book a nearby accommodation you can hangout at until the weather passes. Also ensure your vendors are flexible and are happy to wait out weather or change up the plan last minute if needed!

Consider your locations remoteness

Consider how long you will spend outdoors and how remote your location is. Is there food/accommodation nearby? Do you need to pack an extra change of clothes, or additional layers? Will you need to bring water and food with you to your location? Make a packing list and ensure you have everything you need to set you up with the best possible experience!

Bonus tip: Bring along a thermos of tea, hot chocolate, coffee or mulled wine to warm up along your adventure!

Book accommodation nearby

Book somewhere you can stay for a few days to truly soak in the experience. Also ensure it’s somewhere with beautiful light for your photos and provides an authentic experience for your elopement. Perhaps, somewhere you can cosy up next to a fire. Or cook delicious homemade pizza on the wood fire oven. Or even somewhere with a spa to relax in the evening and wind down after your adventure! Booking an accommodation where you can truly switch off, unwind and completely soak into this experience will not only add to those cosy winter vibes, but also allow you to further create incredible memories.

Incorporate your favourite winter activities into the day

Perhaps you both love skiing and snowboarding – why not elope in the alpine region and hit the slopes on your elopement day? Or if you love hiking and sightseeing – it’s the perfect season to comfortably hike up that mountain in your wedding attire without sweating! Embracing all the wonderful activities winter has to offer will not only add to your overall experience, but it will also allow you to fully be yourselves and do the things you love on your very best day. We’re all about spilling in as much of yourselves into this experience as you can!

How to make this dream your reality

We hope this blog post provided all of you with the utmost Melbourne winter elopement inspiration! And if you’ve made it this far, we have a very special treat for you! We’ve teamed up with our favourite Melbourne Elopement Celebrant, Ceremonies with Haylie to bring you the winter elopement package of your dreams! When you book ourselves (Coast & Pines Photography) and our celebrant bestie, Haylie together for your 2024 Winter Elopement here in Victoria, you will save $600 on your joint booking!

We are currently booking from May – August 2024 in any of the incredible elopement locations listed above, plus so many more. Inquire today to access our full price and information guide and get to know your winter elopement team!